Reviews & Blurbs for Lost Rights: The Destruction of American Liberty (St. Martin's Press, 1994)

"Remarkable.. astonishingly broad... excellent... Mr. Bovard's unrivaled research has resulted in a virtual encyclopedia of modern government abuse." Wall Street Journal

A remarkable book - 400 densely packed pages about the mounting war on property and contract, the tyranny of taxation, and the growth of federal power in the guise of expanding our rights. In this field, Bovard is surely the leading researcher in the country.... brilliant..." Tom Bethell, American Spectator

"There may be no more cogent critic of today's welfare state than journalist James Bovard.. . Lost Rights is his finest work yet. What makes Lost Rights particularly powerful is its comprehensiveness. He documents mind-numbing abuse after abuse." Doug Bandow, National Review

"Lost Rights is an eye-popping compendium of government overreach... The sheer scope of Bovard's inventory of abuses shows why so many people have finally lost faith in the federal government." Kansas City Star

"A gold mine.. a virtually bottomless pit of government incompetence, dishonesty or outright repression at all levels." The Washington Times

Bovard's catalog of petty tyrannies is worth your attention. Read it to be reminded why eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.... a chilling new book.--Linda Seebach, Los Angeles Daily News

Bovard has established himself... as the preeminent exposer of government's responsibility for rigged deals, under-the-table handouts, special interest ripoffs, and spectacular waste.... Bovard's style is rapid fire. An indefatigable researcher, he inundates the reader with horror upon horror... The evidence is overwhelming and terrifying.... James Bovard has [sounded the warning] powerfully and exhaustively." Reason Magazine

Bovard's Lost Rights is so valuable. He takes the reader through practically every aspect of economic and social life in America and shows the various ways in which the state ha come to control, terrorize, and intrude... impressive and moving evidence about how disastrous the interventionist state has become in our society. Read the book. It is invaluable intellectual ammunition..." Freedom Daily

"From the IRS to the EPA to the DEA, Bovard lets no sacred cow graze in peace . . . Bovard pulls away our veil of ignorance and makes visible the dangers of [our] complacence -- to ourselves and our children." --Casper (Wyoming) Star-Tribune

"Lost Rights is a wonderful catalog of the core issues... This is one of the more important books of recent years. I urge you if you are interested in your lost rights and the encroachments on your liberties to read Bovard's book Lost Rights..." Ron Smith, WBAL-Radio Baltimore

"Lost Rights should be must reading for every law abiding citizen - certainly by people who count liberty as one of the utmost fundamental values for their life."
Mark Davis, WXYT Radio Detroit

"Lost Rights has generated great controversy and much critical praise. I have rarely seen so many critical raves."
--Fred Fiske, WAMU-Radio, Washington

"Lost Rights is one of the most important books of the decade. This is a must read. I hope this book is read throughout America."
--Ray Bream, KABC-Radio, Los Angeles"It is not a dull book."
--Bruce Collins, host, C-SPAN Morning Talk Show