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Bradley Manning Verdict & WikiLeaks Movie

Bradley Manning got nailed today by a military judge for exposing the truth. The folks who committed war crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq have almost all walked scot-free. The folks who made the policies that led to the abuses have never faced federal charges. Dreamworks has a movie on Wikileaks that will be coming out […]

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Karzai Solves Mystery of Afghan Corruption

Afghan frontman Hamid Karzai announced this past weekend that foreigners are to blame for the rampant corruption his country. It is true that foreign aid has helped bring out the worst in many Afghan wheeler-dealers. But Karzai and his cronies would likely be looting regardless of whether Uncle Sam air-dropped billions onto his land. New […]

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Dying to Corrupt Afghanistan

from the Future of Freedom Foundation’s Freedom Daily (posted online today) Dying to Corrupt Afghanistan by James Bovard American soldiers are dying so that Afghan politicians can continue looting U.S. tax dollars. Foreign aid has long been notorious for creating kleptocracies — governments of thieves. The $50+ billion foreign aid that the United States has […]

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