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FFF: Freedom vs. Medals of Freedom

From the Future of Freedom Foundation’s monthly journal – Freedom vs. Medals of Freedom by James Bovard Though proximity to power is its own reward, rulers have long recognized the benefit of distributing trinkets to potential sycophants. From medieval times onwards, the English king was seen as the “fount of all honors.” The British government […]

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My Wash. Times Op-Ed: Obama’s Democracy Flim-Flam

WASHINGTON TIMES   June 20, 2014 How Obama whoops up democracy The president blunders by thinking voting alone will keep people safe by James Bovard As his foreign policy becomes more bollixed by the week, President Obama is taking refuge by whooping up democracy. In Warsaw, Poland, earlier this month, Mr. Obama proclaimed, “Wherever people are […]

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My Rollicking Interview with Mises Institute President Jeff Deist

I had a lively chat yesterday with Mises Institute President Jeff Deist regarding Hayek, Mencken, Washington venality, the Great Books, that bastard Nixon,  and some of my muckraking over the past decades.  I was not aware that folks had considered me a unicorn – I’m more accustomed to being compared to weasels or guttersnipes.  Their interview description refers […]

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Virginians Evict Eric Cantor, Champion of NSA and Torture, from Congress

The Washington political establishment took a whupping last night when Virginian voters staunchly defeated Eric Cantor in the Republican congressional primary.   Cantor’s defeat is one of the biggest upsets in congressional races in a generation. The obituaries on the Tea Party were premature. Washington pundits will have to stop touting Cantor as the future Speaker of the House […]

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My 2000 Playboy Article on Militarizing SWAT Teams

The New York Times has a good story today headlined, “War Gear Flows to Police Departments.”  Unfortunately, this nonsense has been going on for decades.  Playboy published a piece I wrote in 2000 on the militarization of SWAT teams.  The article includes a discussion of Waco and the 1999 high school shootings in Littleton, Colorado. […]

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Bravo North Carolina! Congrats to Walter Jones on Primary Win

Bravo North Carolina! Rep. Walter Jones survived a Republican primary challenger who was heavily bankrolled by the Emergency Committee for Israel and other groups and endorsed by Sarah Palin. Jones is one of the most honorable Republicans on foreign policy and has been tight with Ron Paul for years. After initially supporting the Iraq War […]

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My Wash. Times Op-Ed: Obama’s War on Watchdogs

Washington Times, May 2, 2014 Obama’s War on Watchdogs by James Bovard A Senate report last week revealed that the Obama administration utterly debilitated the inspector general for the Homeland Security Department. Charles Edwards, the acting IG from early 2011 till last December, toadied to Obama appointees at every opportunity — stifling reports, deleting damning […]

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