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MP3 of Scott Horton Radio Show on Cluster Bomb Congress

Libertarian hardline hell-raiser talk show host Scott Horton and I had a rattlin’ good chat yesterday on his radio show about the Cluster Bomb Congress article, asset forfeiture, police brutality, and a couple other damn outrages. Being on Scott’s show always vaccinates me against my moderate tendencies. You can download or listen to the show by […]

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Wash. Times: Our Cluster Bomb Congress Plants Legislative IEDs

Washington Times, April 16, 2014 BOVARD Our cluster-bomb Congress plants legislative IEDs Arcane laws lie dormant until exploding under unsuspecting Americans by James Bovard Tens of thousands of Americans have been bushwhacked by a single arcane sentence in a 673-page law Congress enacted six years ago. The Internal Revenue Service is seizing both federal and […]

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Obama’s Torture Coverup Unraveling?

Since his first months in office, Obama has spared almost no effort to cover-up the torture atrocities committed during the George W. Bush presidency. But it may no longer be possible to sweep the corpses and the manacles under the rug. (I wrote about Obama’s early torture coverups here, here, here, here, here, here, etc.)  […]

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CIA Caught Spying on Congress? Time for Another Obama “Trust Government” Speech

McClatchy News Service reports that the CIA reportedly was caught spying on the Senate Intelligence Committee.  This is the type of story that, served along with breakfast, is even better than a Dunkin Donuts vanilla crème donut.   The CIA was riled up because the Senate Committee crafted a massive report on the failure and crimes […]

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How Many Howlers Will Obama Tell In State Of Union Speech Tonight?

Is anyone else having trouble distinguishing today’s two most popular acronyms – SOTU & STFU? When people ask why I watch Obama speeches, I shrug and admit that that is part of the terms of my parole. What will Obama’s biggest howlers be tonight? I am expecting a burst of candor as much as I […]

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