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MP3 of Ernie Hancock Interview on Rand Paul, Cigars, TSA Tyranny, and D.C. Rascals

FreedomsPhoenix Chief Hellraiser Ernie Hancock and I had a rollicking hour this morn on his Liberty Radio Network program. Plenty of federal agencies took a whupping. I alternated at times between admitting that “I don’t know shit” about some ongoing controversy & striving to “draw the Curtain of Mercy” on other topics. Ernie had excellent […]

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My 2003 Oped on Patriot Act Lies – Baltimore Sun

Senators are brawling over the renewal of the Patriot Act. Few folks recognize how the feds have been brazenly lying about the Patriot Act ever since it was enacted. Here’s an oped I did a dozen years ago pointing out a few of the Justice Department’s frauds. Baltimore Sun, August 18, 2003 America fights for […]

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FFF: Know-Nothing Democracy on Capitol Hill

Future of Freedom, March 2015 (posted  5/22/15) Know-Nothing Democracy on Capitol Hill by James Bovard “You can lead a man to Congress but you can’t make him think,” quipped Milton Berle in 1950. Last December’s congressional approval of the 1,603-page, $1.1 trillion omnibus bill (known as “Cromnibus,” because it was also a Continuing Resolution) also […]

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FFF: ObamaCare Racketeering & Intellectual Knavery

From the Future of Freedom Foundation’s February 2015 magazine – ObamaCare Racketeering and Intellectual Knavery by James Bovard Paternalism is a desperate gamble that lying politicians will honestly care for those who fall under their power. This axiom has been made stark with the controversy arising from a video of Jonathan Gruber, one of the […]

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Wash. Times: The Mandatory Voting Panacea

Washington Times, April 2, 2015 The mandatory voting panacea Obama would deploy coercion in the voting booth By James Bovard – – Wednesday, April 1, 2015 President Obama recently suggested that mandatory voting could cure some of the ills of American democracy. Mr. Obama observed that compelling everyone to vote is one way to “encourage […]

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Rand Paul’s Early Foreign Policy Wobbles

Many libertarians are justifiably exasperated by Sen. Rand Paul joining the saber-rattling against Iran. But his foreign policy positions have been shaky for a long time.  Here’s a review of his 2012 book, Government Bullies, from the American Conservative magazine (perhaps Rand’s biggest supporters in the Washington media). Rand has been getting dreadful foreign policy advise […]

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