Reviews & Comments on Bovard's Freedom in Chains: The Rise of the State & the Demise of the Citizen (St. Martin's Press, February 1999)

"James Bovard has become the roving inspector general of the modern State... Never has so much theoretical error and concrete folly been collected and juxtaposed so well under a single cover. Mr. Bovard consistently illuminates the connection between faulty political ideals and specific policy disasters." Cardozo Law Prof. John McGinnis, Wall Street Journal

"James Bovard, the American government's most unfavorite journalist, has done all who value liberty a great service. He has meticulously documented freedom's demise in America and set it all in its proper philosophical framework." Charley Reese, Orlando Sentinel

"Freedom in Chains... offers a principled and often eloquent vision of the minimalist state. There is an integrity to it, and it is always refreshing to find a man who takes his freedom straight." National Review

"A chilling indictment of U.S. government." Los Angeles Times

"Freedom in Chains is... a modern-day libertarian classic that might help awaken Americans to the fact that many of our freedoms have eroded." Orange County Register

"James Bovard does an excellent job of tracing the rationale for the growth of government encroachment on individual property rights." Jerusalem Post

"A rousing theoretical case against statism." Publishers Weekly

"Bovard sets forth a passionate indictment of the state's coercive powers over the people. .. Bovard reviews 200 years of political philosophy and makes effective use of extreme examples of government programs and regulations to drive home his essential message." Library Journal

"The book is brilliant and chilling at the same time." Neal Boortz, WSB Atlanta

"Freedom in Chains.. documents the federal government's extensive control over our lives. Bovard's wealth of illustration is what we have come to expect from him." American Spectator

"The book is terrific. It is a compendium of well-documented examples of government making terrible, wicked decisions. Everybody should get it." David Brudnoy, WBZ Boston

"This is a magnificent book. It comes with my highest recommendation. This book gives you the before and after of how a few concepts can totally change the direction of a culture." Jan Michaelson, WHO Des Moines

"This excellent book is going to cause a lot of people to do some serious thinking. Bovard should be paid attention to. He pulls no punches." Bob Grant, WOR New York

"This is must reading if you are concerned about where this country is going. A very provocative book - something that everyone should read... Fascinating." Bob Mohan, KFYI Phoenix