The Explosion and Abuse of Government Power
During the Clinton-Gore Years James Bovard
By James Bovard

"James Bovard has carved out a niche, if not a swatch of destruction, by policing the presumptions of power and hypocrisies of government. What makes Bovard's analysis riveting is his examination of a host of programs sold to the people as the best the liberal state has to offer... The reader soon finds himself on an entertaining and engaging journey that highlights the cunning, incompetence, and dangers of unchecked government."
--Human Events

"Feeling Your Pain is an eloquent and blistering indictment of the politicians and bureaucrats who, armed with taxpayer dollars and the coercive power of law, have done so much damage to individual lives, and society at large, in recent years... Feeling Your Pain is filled with horror stories, but they are spun so engagingly that readers may feel pleasure even as they grit their teeth in rage. The pain they may also feel will be their freedom slipping away."
--Matt Robinson, Wall Street Journal

"If you are into scary books, or horror stories, put aside Stephen King and try James Bovard. His newest book, Feeling Your Pain--in a calm, judicious non-ideological manner--lays out the crimes against liberty, the abuse of due process, the deceptions and intimidations that the government under William Jefferson Clinton has practiced against the American people. Bovard is that rarity in today's journalism--an objective digger of facts, a revealer of sources."
--Charley Reese, Orlando Sentinel

"I suspect Feeling Your Pain may well survive as the best political obituary of the Clinton era--earning Jim Bovard an honor he might just as soon have forgone as our modern Cassandra."
--Vin Suprynowicz, Las Vegas Review Journal

"This is a fabulous book. You cannot arm yourself with better ammunition than Feeling Your Pain."
--Lucianne Goldberg, national radio talk show host

"Feeling Your Pain is a magnificent reference work. Buy yourself an epiphany."
--Brian Wilson KSFO/San Francisco

"One of the few Washington journalists who 'gets it' is James Bovard, author of Lost Rights and Freedom in Chains--two modern classics...His newest book--Feeling Your Pain: The Explosion and Abuse of Government Power in the Clinton-Gore Years,--is another grand achievement."
--Steven Greenhut, Orange County Register

"Bovard portrays the President's terms in office as a nightmarish progression of unconstitutional federal intrusion into the individual rights of citizens... Although Bovard's views and remedies will trouble moderates, he documents in exacting detail numerous examples of government gone mad. This controversial work gives the reader much to ponder."
--Library Journal

"A devastating indicment...Feeling Your Pain is even better than Lost Rights."
--Neal Boortz, WSB Atlanta

"Bovard is one of the best journalists out there... Feeling Your Pain establishes what Clinton's legacy will be in the history books: the incredible explosion of government abuse and power. Everybody should read this."
--Kirby Wilbur, KVI Seattle

"I love the book because it doesn't just point out this one man is the root of the problem--the root of the problem is big government. It's a wonderful book--check it out."
--Jim Sharpe, KFYI Phoenix

"This is an excellent book. The only reason this book does not have its binding ripped off is because it landed in a chair, not against the wall, when I threw it."
--Greg Garrison, WIBC-AM Indianapolis

"Bovard's aggressive antigoverment sentiments will not be universally accepted."
--The Bookman

"Washington journalist Bovard charges fervidly that President Clinton has 'exploited and expanded the dictatorial potential of the U.S. presidency.'...Americans, Bovard says, must stop being subjects and become the self-reliant citizens the Founding Fathers envisioned. Replete with quotable lines..."
--Kirkus Reviews