Reviews, The Farm Fiasco (ICS Press,1989; paperback, 1991)

"FARM FIASCO is a damning expose, but its reporting makes it a 
required handbook for any responsible observer of the policy
debate... Mr. Bovard, as no one else has done with such clarity
and force, drops the smokescreen [covering farm subsidies]."

"Excellent." THE ECONOMIST

"This is strong meat... Bovard deserves attention."


"Although [The FARM FIASCO] may sound like a critique of Soviet
farm policy, in fact it is American programs at which James
Bovard has taken aim." WASHINGTON POST

"Bovard's book may do more good in getting public support
for [reform]... than the array of agricultural specialists who
address the problem in less passionate and compelling language.
Good rhetoric gets good attention, and we should have both from
"Bovard's research is exhaustive and the cumulative effect
is devastating . If ideas and facts weighed a pound apiece, this
book would weigh several tons." CRISIS magazine

"Bovard .. has written a superb book which should serve as a
manifesto for a revolution in agriculture policy."
Rep. Richard Armey (R-Tx)

"The FARM FIASCO is the hardest hitting, best written, and
best documented indictment of the government's farm programs I
have ever read." Former USDA assistant secretary Don Paarlberg

* Book was favorably quoted in TIME, READER's DIGEST, ROLLING
STONE; Exerpts/Spinoffs were published in Wall Street Journal
(7+), New York Times (3), Washington Post, Public Interest, Los
Angeles Times, Christian Science Monitor, etc. Author was quoted
at length in lead editorial of NEW YORK TIMES on farm subsidies

* A critical analysis by Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting, a
liberal New York media watchdog organization, declared in early
1991, "Bovard achieved an impact on media discourse far exceeding
his ideas' acceptance in Congress, academia or rural America,"
and labeled the author as "the media's favorite opponent of
national agricultural programs."