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131014_cartoon_078_a17818_p465 govt shutdowns to avoid intimacy

More Tragic Collateral Damage from the Govt. Shutdown

The Washington Post has had endless sob stories on the government shutdown. Maybe they should survey federal workers to determine whether the shutdown is also causing a coitus deficit. Regardless, taxpayers are still getting screwed. (The great Weyant cartoon is from the new issue of the New Yorker.)

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NSA graphic on Tor HOOT!

Revealed: What NSA Believes Terrorists Look Like

This cartoon is from a secret National Security Agency document detailing how the NSA is seeking to destroy TOR – which allows for anonymous Internet use. That purported terrorist looks too well-coiffed for me to ever trust him. [from the Guardian’s excellent expose today on the NSA] On the bright side, at least I have […]

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Mutts reason to write content

Why Do People Write?

Okay, so most writers don’t do muckraking or op-eds.  But for those who do… And then there’s one of my ol’ favorites from Charles Schulz….

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Great Cartoon on our Obscene Surveillance State

This great cartoon from Tom Toles this morn almost compensated for all the idiotic editorials the Washington Post publishes on Syria and other subjects. The only thing the cartoon was missing was a couple of deranged TSA agents descending on the spectator to force him to produce a DNA sample. Scott Adams has done a […]

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