* Truth delayed is truth defused.

* It was nuts to permit politicians to control prices when there was no way to control politicians.

* I had always heard that "you can't fight City Hall." But maybe it was possible to intellectually demolish it.

* A learned fool is more dangerous than an ignorant fool, especially when he makes federal policy.

* The less scrutiny federal agencies receive, the more absurd their rulings become.

* I smelled a policy rat.

* Expecting uplift from politicians is like expecting burglars to leave Gideon's Bibles in every house they plunder.

* Economic common sense never had a chance inside the Beltway.

* Washington editors claim a droit du seigneur to screw any prose they published.

* Writing a book is like breaking the rocks in your own head.

* I have spent decades trying to turn political dirt into philosophic gold. I have yet to discover the alchemist's trick, but I still have fun with the dirt.

* Abstaining from bad books is necessary to have time and energy for the best books.

* Even Babe Ruth never hit a home run while sitting on the bench

* Self-reliance starts with igniting one's own mind.

* Barging forward and surviving blunder after blunder, I figured that everything would work out eventually unless I got killed, maimed, or imprisoned.

* Government schooling was the most brain deadening experience in my life.