Syria: Common Sense versus Obama’s Next War

From the January 2014 issue of The Future of Freedom (from the Future of Freedom Foundation) Syria: Common Sense versus Obama’s Next War by James Bovard The Obama administration tottered on the edge of launching a cruise missile attack on Syria this past August and September. Obama hesitated and decided to seek congressional approval before […]

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Why TSA Screeners Hate Me: Mystery Solved

I have always wondered why TSA screeners seem to target me (especially after I cuss ‘em a bit).  Now I realize that I have to buy new luggage to allay Official Fears.  OK, maybe I could also try to stop radiating sedition. But that is practically the only redeeming fun when flying nowadays. Admittedly, I have had […]

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MP3 of UCLA Radio Bloop Interview on Various Political Damn Outrages

I was interviewed by Dr. Know  for the UCLA Radio “Bloop” show last night.  Dr. Know was very well-prepared – he had actually read a couple of my books – which meant that he was truly a prodigy by talk show standards. We had fun bantering on various political crimes and indecencies.    Here’s his […]

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Waco: FBI Final Assault 21 Years Ago Today

Twenty-one years ago today, the FBI assaulted and demolished the Branch Davidians’ home outside of Waco, Texas. That assault and the subsequent coverups helped redefine the relation of the federal government to the American people.  Millions of citizens never looked at Washington the same afterwards. I reposted some of the articles I did in 1995 […]

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