Economic Suicide: Federal Reserve Destroys the Dollar

From today’s interview with Press TV.  Their journalist caught me early in the day before I had done any cussing, so I probably wasn’t as caustic as I should have been. ****** Experts are correct in blaming the US Federal Reserve’s policies for a nosedive that the US dollar has taken in value, says an […]

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MP3 – WHO’s Jan Mickelson Labels Me a “Thorn in the Side of Contentment”

In our rowdy interview this morning, Jan Mickelson – on WHO in Des Moines and the top radio host in Iowa – called me a “a thorn in the side of contentment.” I said that phrase summarizes my life pretty well. Jan has the heartiest laugh of any talk show host I know. And since […]

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On Iowa’s Top Talk Show 10 A.M. Today

I will be on the radio at 10:07 a.m. EDT with Iowa’s top talk show host, Jan Mickelson It will be a free-ranging chat – we may talk about how Rand Paul and other candidates are doing in Iowa – the Trump tidal wave – and probably lots of laughs as well. You can listen […]

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Ruby Ridge 23rd Anniv. of Federal Killings

Federal killings at Ruby Ridge, Idaho began 23 years ago today. Below are some articles I wrote on this case in 1995. Also included is the counterattack on my Wall Street Journal piece from FBI director Louis Freeh, who claimed that I “grossly mischaracterized” the details of the FBI’s killing of Vicki Weaver. I wonder how much […]

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FFF: Eric Holder’s Leviathan-Loving Legacy

from the Future of Freedom Foundation – Eric Holder’s Leviathan-Loving Legacy by James Bovard Last summer, Attorney General Eric Holder solemnly declared, “The name ought to be changed. It’s an offensive name.” Holder observed that despite the organization’s “storied history,” it could “increase their fan base” by changing their name — “if they did something […]

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