The Hill: George W. Bush’s Forgotten Crimes Against Democracy

The Hill, February 15, 2018  George W. Bush doesn’t deserve the media’s efforts at rehabilitation by James Bovard  “Our democracy is only as good as people trust the results,” former President George W. Bush declared in a presumably well-paid speech last week in the United Arab Emirates, a notorious Arab dictatorship. Bush is being exalted […]

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Juni 1988
Berlin (West), die Mauer in Berlin-Kreuzberg

How the Berlin Wall Spurred My Biggest Blunder

Here are two more jpegs for that article created by Natalie Fawn Danelishen, the media graphics artist for the Mises Institute. Natalie does great work; if you need an artist, contact her. Mises Institute Blog, Feburary 15, 2018 How the Berlin Wall Spurred My Biggest Blunder by James Bovard As of last week, the Berlin […]

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jpb quote jpeg from usa today eeoc piece created by them better than mine

USA TODAY: EEOC “Felon Hiring Rule” Busted in Texas

  USA TODAY,  February 14, 2018 EEOC Federal Guidance ruling gives Trump opportunity to fix Obama-era mistakes by James Bovard, Opinion Columnist One of the Obama administration’s most aggressive social justice engineering schemes was busted earlier this month in federal court in Texas. In 2012, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission effectively made it a federal crime for businesses […]

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freedoms phoenix emblem

Rowdy Hour with Radio Host Ernie Hancock

Ernie Hancock had me back on his program FreedomsPhoenix program. We had fun smacking around politicians, federal agencies, and folks who still don’t get it. Ernie is the only host I know who makes me sound like I am on Quaaludes.   Part 1 – 20 minutes Part 2 – 20 minutes Part 3 – […]

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New York Times: Silent Spring in Eastern Europe (1987)

The New York Times April 26, 1987, Sunday, Late City Final Edition  HEADLIGHTS AT HIGH NOON;  A SILENT SPRING IN EASTERN EUROPE By JAMES BOVARD; James Bovard, who has written extensively on  Superfund and other environmental policy issues, visited Hungary, Czechoslovakia and East Germany this spring. ACCORDING to Marxist theory, environmental problems cannot occur in […]

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FFF: Guilt by Musical Association

Future of Freedom Foundation Guilt by Musical Association by James Bovard February 9, 2018 Should the feds be permitted to treat anyone who is not a choirboy like a criminal suspect? Unfortunately, local, state, and federal agencies have a long history of targeting, harassing, and entrapping fans of untraditional music. Because so many innocuous activities […]

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