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Talking Last Rights on the Ernie Hancock Radio Show

Ernie Hancock and I had a rattling good conversation this week on our latest escapades and the nation going to hell politically. The last time I saw Ernie, we were celebrating at Washington brewery – the feds had just ceased hounding him about his radio interviews with January 6 folks. You can listen to the […]

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Saving Julian Assange, Free Speech, and Democracy

American Conservative, March 28, 2024 Saving Julian Assange, Free Speech, and Democracy by James Bovard How much is a non-binding “assurance” worth from people who probably want to see you dead? This is the linchpin question as a British court deliberates on the Biden administration’s latest conniving to bring Julian Assange to America for his […]

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Will Any ‘Last Rights’ Epigram Go to the Moon?

Will Any ‘Last Rights’ Epigram Go to the Moon? by James Bovard Epigrams are excellent propellants for seditious ideas. How far can one line go? Thirty years ago, I casually appended a sentence to the end of a paragraph in the final chapter of my book, Lost Rights: The Destruction of American Liberty. I was […]

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My Zestiest Zingers of 2023

Libertarian Institute, January 2, 2024 Bovard’s Zestiest Zingers of 2023 by Jim Bovard | 2023 was another godsend for cynics. Here’s a round-up of my zestiest lines from my articles in the past year. Some lines were tweaked for this collection. Hearty thanks to Hunter DeRensis and editors at other outlets who ran those articles […]

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Truth is the Biggest Threat to DC ‘Democracy’

Libertarian Institute, December 18, 2023 Truth is the Biggest Threat to DC ‘Democracy’ by Jim Bovard In Washington, truth is reckoned as the greatest enemy of democracy. Hard facts are deadly threats to a president’s prerogative to define reality and impose “the will of the people.” Early this year, Jack Teixeira, a 21-year-old Massachusetts Air […]

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