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Psychiatry is Vexxing More Americans Than Ever

Psychiatrists are continually concocting new "mental illnesses" to stretch their power over everyone else. But psychiatry fails to recognize people suffering from “Missing Bullshit Alarm” as a grave malady in our times. https://t.co/FkK0UPfFA7 — James Bovard (@JimBovard) May 14, 2024 Therapists are hollowing out the American character, generation by generation. What do they  offer in lieu […]

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Psychiatry is Vexing Americans and Subverting Freedom

Psychiatry is Vexing Americans and Subverting Freedom by James Bovard | May 13, 2024 Psychiatry is ruining more lives than ever before. The New York Times recently showcased psychiatric “prevalence inflation”—a vast increase in reported mental illness among teenagers because they are encouraged to view normal symptoms as grave maladies requiring intervention. Oxford University psychologist […]

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Screenshot 2024-05-06 at 21-05-23 FF-178 James Bovard on his long career writing and fighting for liberty

“Exposing Tyranny Since the 1980s” – Fountainhead Forum Podcast

Hearty thanks to Chris Baker for having me on his Fountainhead Forum podcast. Chris knew Matt Gaylor, one of the most effective first generation activists spreading libertarianism on the Internet, and we chatted about Matt’s hellraising style. Chris has been a libertarian activist for most of his adult life; bantering with him about the changing […]

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The World Economic Forum Is Still Conspiring Against Your Freedom

The World Economic Forum Is Still Conspiring Against Your Freedom by James Bovard Last January, humanity’s elite gathered again in Davos, Switzerland, to plan out the rest of our lives. World Economic Forum (WEF) honchos are morally superior because they are devoted to destroying your freedom to save the Earth, or at least to safeguard […]

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Holy Sheetz on the Brian Wilson Podcast

From the Brian Wilson Writes Substack: “Just what you’ve come to expect! The Two and Only, Brian Wilson and James Bovard return for more unadulterated, free-range verbal gobsmacking of those who need it most. You must be THIS TALL to listen.” You can download or listen to this podcast episode by clicking here Sign up […]

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