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Is Censorship the Biden Era’s Torture Issue?

American Conservative, April 11, 2024 Is Censorship the Biden Era’s Torture Issue? by James Bovard The word games around “content moderation” recall the days of “enhanced interrogation.” During last month’s Supreme Court hearing on a landmark case on federal censorship, Associate Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson declared, “My biggest concern is…the First Amendment hamstringing the government […]

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“Journalists” and the Fight to Save Freedom of Speech

‘Journalists’ and the Fight to Save Freedom of Speech by James Bovard, April 8, 2024 “What is a journalist?” is a contemporary equivalent of the ancient question, “What is truth?” The U.S. government’s prosecution of Julian Assange hinges on the assertion that he is not a journalist and should be punished like a spy for […]

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Bashing Congress on Salt Lake City Radio MP3

 Rod Arquette and I had fun thrashing the pity party for congressional pay on his show on KNRS radio in Salt Lake City.  I appreciated Rod’s quick wit and his healthy disdain for Washington. (I should get back to Utah!) Here’s the New York Post article on congressional pay that spurred the interview. You can […]

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