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Screenshot 2024-06-06 at 11-58-56 The State of Liberty in America Today

Talking Last Rights on the FFF Podcast

I joined Jacob Hornberger and Richard Ebeling for a rowdy exchange about Last Rights and political crimes on the Future of Freedom Foundation‘s Libertarian Alternative podcast.  I much appreciated Jacob’s endorsement of my new book: “I highly recommend Last Rights, another fantastic book by Jim Bovard.” Here are some outtakes from the interview: “It might […]

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Holy Sheetz on the Brian Wilson Podcast

From the Brian Wilson Writes Substack: “Just what you’ve come to expect! The Two and Only, Brian Wilson and James Bovard return for more unadulterated, free-range verbal gobsmacking of those who need it most. You must be THIS TALL to listen.” You can download or listen to this podcast episode by clicking here Sign up […]

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Trouncing NPR and Positive Thinking on the Brian Wilson Podcast

The Two and Only — Brian Wilson and James Bovard S3 Ep 15 Unrestricted! Unmoderated! Unappreciated! The Two and Only settle the NPR Fiasco and Biden’s “New Guinea Uncle Bosie Diet” (not recommended).   Check out the BrianWilsonWrites Substack. You can listen to the 30 minute podcast by downloading or clicking here Brian launched the show […]

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Screenshot 2024-04-15 at 19-24-58 James Bovard The Death of Liberty in America is Not Foreordained

Talking Last Rights on the Geopolitics & Empire Podcast

Hearty thanks to Hrvoje Morić  for inviting me on to his excellent podcast, Geopolitics and Empire. We had a rattling good chat, smacking around politicians, bureaucrats, and plenty other rascals.  Here is his summary of the show: James Bovard discusses his new book on the death of liberty in America. The U.S. government has become […]

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Comic Relief on Journalism, Bidenflation and Censorship on the Brian Wilson Podcast

“Unmoderated Content! What you expect from the Two and Only! The Unequivocal Brian Wilson and Inexplicable Jim Bovard whacking at journalism, censorship and Bidenflation!” Good to hear that Brian’s robust rebound from surgery continues. You can download or listen to the show by clicking here: https://brianwilsonwrites.substack.com/p/the-two-and-only-brian-wilson-and-867 Subscribe to the Brian Wilson Writes Substack by clicking […]

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“What is a Journalist?” Debate on the Brian Wilson Podcast

From the Brian Wilson Substack: “BIFF! BOP! POW! The Two and Only, Brian Wilson and Jim Bovard take “Journalism” and “Journalists” to new highs and lows, scope out the latest Julian Assange travesty and how Jim navigated “education” vs. “learning”. A zesty yap fest!” You can listen or download the MP3 by clicking here or    […]

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