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Biden’s New War on Extremism (and Liberty)

Libertarian Institute, September 7, 2022 Biden’s New War on Extremism (and Liberty) by Jim Bovard President Joe Biden believes that hysterical denunciations of extremism will save the Democratic Party in the upcoming congressional midterms. Despite media portrayals of Biden as a good-natured moderate, the president has relied on sweeping castigations of opposition throughout his political […]

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FBI Sordid History Recapped on Jose Nino Podcast

Thanks to José Niño for having me on his podcast. We had a rowdy time recapping the sordid history of the FBI and so many crimes almost everybody has forgotten. The FBI has been subverting the Constitution and scoffing at federal law for more than a hundred years. You can listen to the 35 minute […]

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New York Post: What Kind of Dictator Rules by Decree? Joe Biden

New York Post, July 9, 2022 What kind of dictator rules by decree? Joe Biden By James Bovard   President Biden never promised to “make America constitutional again.” Though he took office preaching the need for “unity,” he increasingly rules like an elective dictator, relying on executive orders instead of working with Congress for legislative […]

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My Hillsdale Speech on Covid Vax Mandate Madness

Hillsdale College posted the video of my speech from their Constitution Day Celebration last month bashing Biden’s Covid Vaccination Mandates.  As I state in the speech, Covid vaccinations can be a prudent choice for people in high-risk categories.  But using the federal iron fist to inject almost everyone is a travesty of the Constitution and […]

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Ruby Ridge and the FBI License to Kill

Today is the 29th anniversary of FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi killing Vicki Weaver as she stood in the door of a cabin at Ruby Ridge, Idaho, holding her baby.  The FBI initially claimed that killing Mrs. Weaver was justified and then later covered up key details and claimed it was accidental.  FBI chief Louis Freeh […]

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Bashing Red Light Cameras on the Rich Zeoli Radio Show MP3

Philadelphia conservative dynamo Rich Zeoli had me back on his 1210 WPHT talk show yesterday to thrash red light cameras.  As I mentioned during the show, “the people who are hit worst by this racket are black folks in the low-income areas of Washington, DC – they are 8 to 10 times more likely to […]

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Biden Re-Ignites the Waco Fire

UPDATED:  Here’s my riff on Waco and Biden from my Saturday speech to the Maryland Libertarian Party convention.  Great audience, great banter – a joy to talk to folks who understand the depravity of what the feds did at Waco.  Click here to listen or download American Conservative, April 13, 2021 Biden Re-Ignites the Waco […]

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