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Psychiatry is Vexing Americans and Subverting Freedom

Psychiatry is Vexing Americans and Subverting Freedom by James Bovard | May 13, 2024 Psychiatry is ruining more lives than ever before. The New York Times recently showcased psychiatric “prevalence inflation”—a vast increase in reported mental illness among teenagers because they are encouraged to view normal symptoms as grave maladies requiring intervention. Oxford University psychologist […]

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N.Y. Post: Biden and the great Sheetz shakedown

New York Post, April 23, 2024 Biden and the great Sheetz shakedown — another crazy example of ‘social justice’ run amok by James Bovard The Biden administration believes it should be a federal crime to refuse to hire ex-convicts. There is no such federal statute, but that hasn’t stopped President Biden’s Equal Employment Opportunity Commission […]

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Biden and the Ghost of Duncan Lemp

American Conservative, March 1, 2024 Inside the Latest Biden Showdown With Second Amendment Devotees by James Bovard The White House’s anti-gun campaign threatens to repeat sins of law enforcement’s recent past.   “His name was Duncan Lemp” is a common phrase among violent extremists, according to the FBI’s Domestic Terrorism Symbols report. The Washington Post sneered […]

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Highway Robbery Is the Law of the Land

Highway Robbery Continues to Be the Law of the Land by James Bovard Seizure fever is toxifying law enforcement across the nation. For more than thirty years, federal, state, and local government agencies have plundered citizens on practically any harebrained accusation or pretext. You could be at risk of being pilfered by officialdom anytime you […]

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Debacles at Home and Abroad Propel ‘Defend the Guard’

Debacles at Home and Abroad Propel ‘Defend the Guard’ by Jim Bovard | Jan 30, 2024 The National Guard is back in the headlines thanks to a showdown at the Texas border and Joe Biden’s latest foreign policy debacle. The Biden administration has refused to enforce federal law to limit undocumented immigrants (many of whom […]

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