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Screenshot 2024-04-11 at 18-38-56 James Bovard Explains Biden's Role in Runaway Inflation - The Dom Giordano Program

Hammering Biden’s Inflation Bust on Dom Giordano Show

Dom Giordano welcomes in author and political commentator James Bovard, who penned a piece for the New York Post this week that lays forth how the Biden administration is responsible for the runaway inflation that we’re seeing. Bovard goes in depth into our country’s inflation, explaining why the potential for a federal rate reduction this […]

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Bashing Congress on Salt Lake City Radio MP3

 Rod Arquette and I had fun thrashing the pity party for congressional pay on his show on KNRS radio in Salt Lake City.  I appreciated Rod’s quick wit and his healthy disdain for Washington. (I should get back to Utah!) Here’s the New York Post article on congressional pay that spurred the interview. You can […]

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Haley, Hell, and Humor on the Brian Wilson Podcast

The Two and Only — Brian Wilson and James Bovard S3 Ep 6 This episode: Brian Wilson and Jim Bovard in a tour day force! Haley, Hell, SCOTUS, TSA, Piety, Ted Cruz, Biden PLUS Your Winning Powerball Numbers! Brian Wilson Listen to the 27 minute rowdy discussion by clicking or downloading here  TSA takes some […]

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The Crazy Covid Copulation Exemption

The Crazy Covid Copulation Exemption By James Bovard   December 7, 2023   Government, Policy, Public Health   4 minute read SHARE | PRINT | EMAIL Covid lockdowns spurred an endless cornucopia of official hypocrisy. Top politicians brazenly violated the restrictions they inflicted on everyone else. But perhaps the most absurd aspect of the pandemic […]

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N.Y. Post: Government tyranny comes to Main Street, with the feds more powerful than ever

New York Post, December 5, 2023 Government tyranny comes to Main Street, with the feds more powerful than ever by James Bovard Americans today have the “freedom” to be fleeced, censored, wiretapped, injected, disarmed, detained, groped and maybe shot by government agents. Politicians are hell-bent on protecting citizens against everything except Uncle Sam. “We live […]

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