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The World Economic Forum Is Still Conspiring Against Your Freedom

The World Economic Forum Is Still Conspiring Against Your Freedom by James Bovard Last January, humanity’s elite gathered again in Davos, Switzerland, to plan out the rest of our lives. World Economic Forum (WEF) honchos are morally superior because they are devoted to destroying your freedom to save the Earth, or at least to safeguard […]

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Screenshot 2024-04-15 at 19-24-58 James Bovard The Death of Liberty in America is Not Foreordained

Talking Last Rights on the Geopolitics & Empire Podcast

Hearty thanks to Hrvoje Morić  for inviting me on to his excellent podcast, Geopolitics and Empire. We had a rattling good chat, smacking around politicians, bureaucrats, and plenty other rascals.  Here is his summary of the show: James Bovard discusses his new book on the death of liberty in America. The U.S. government has become […]

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Is Censorship the Biden Era’s Torture Issue?

American Conservative, April 11, 2024 Is Censorship the Biden Era’s Torture Issue? by James Bovard The word games around “content moderation” recall the days of “enhanced interrogation.” During last month’s Supreme Court hearing on a landmark case on federal censorship, Associate Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson declared, “My biggest concern is…the First Amendment hamstringing the government […]

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Screenshot 2024-04-04 at 20-40-08 Government Commits More Crimes than We Know Guest James Bovard Ep 273

Talking Last Rights with Matt Kibbe on Liberty

Hearty thanks to Matt Kibbe and Free the People for inviting me on this podcast. Plenty more comic relief where this came from at this link – Here’s a link to my outtake video on my East German adventure along with the NY Times article after I exited East Berlin Here is an outtake photo […]

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