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N.Y. Post: More nails in the coffin of Biden’s censorship regime

New York Post, December 1, 2023 More nails in the coffin of Biden’s censorship regime James Bovard With each passing month, we are getting closer to the Custer’s Last Stand for federal censors. But will free speech triumph in time to prevent the feds from secretly rigging the 2024 presidential election? At a House Weaponization […]

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Smacking Biden Corruption on the Scott Horton Show

My old friend Scott Horton and I had fun smacking the latest Biden corruption eruptions. 8/17/23 Jim Bovard on the Biden Family’s Corruption by Scott | Aug 19, 2023 | Interviews Download Episode. Jim Bovard joins the show to talk about some of his recent articles on Joe and Hunter Biden. Scott and Bovard examine […]

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Screenshot 2022-09-23 at 08-33-04 Something Completely Different With Brian Wilson on Apple Podcasts

Nose Bleed Censors, Electric Bus Bust, and Biden’s 9th Wonder of the World – Brian Wilson Podcast

From the Brian Wilson Something Completely Different podcast: – Nose Bleeds, Electric Bus Bust and the 9th Wonder of the World! Listen Live at this link: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-two-and-only-brian-wilson-and-james-bovard-ep-33/id1638506178?i=1000623968493 Other podcast options at this link – https://nfscd.buzzsprout.com/1991115/13379089-the-two-and-only-brian-wilson-and-james-bovard-ep-33

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Biden’s Crazy COVID Nose Bleed Police

Biden’s Crazy COVID Nose Bleed Police by Jim Bovard | Aug 7, 2023 Breaking News: Biden White House discovers a “nose bleed” exemption to the First Amendment! A top Biden White House staffer elbowed Facebook to intervene in private conversations anytime someone mentioned COVID vaccine side effects such as nose bleeds. House Judiciary Committee chairman […]

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