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Thrashing Gun Grabbers & Championing Second Amendment on Brian Wilson Podcast

from the BrianWilsonWrites substack summary: It’s the “Shooting Blanks and Bulleyes” episode of the Two and Only! Brian Wilson and James Bovard gallop with a rip-snortin’ chat fest about Chapter 3 and the 2nd Amendment from Jim’s new book. You can download or listen to the podcast by clicking here https://nfscd.buzzsprout.com/1991115/14549657 Jim Bovard is a […]

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Fashion Fix for Joe Biden from Me and the Brian Wilson Podcast

Brian Wilson and I had fun riffing on Biden’s latest swooning and swaying.  We played off a New York fashionista advice for Biden, reeling in some jibes from my Monday New York Post piece. Show Notes Is anybody votin’ for a sharp dressed man? – The Two and Only, Brian Wilson and Jim Bovard, debate […]

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TSA Outrages, New Hampshire Pratfalls, and Swift Boat Veterans for Climate Change – Brian Wilson Podcast

Twenty-two minutes of mirth & political derision – the latest Two and Only Podcast For more wit and insights from Talk Show Legend Brian Wilson, check out https://brianwilsonwrites.substack.com/ January 24 episode highlights: Brian welcomed listeners to “the Existential Threat episode of The Two and Only, our weekly calculation of the roadkill of human rights littering […]

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Biden and Hitler at Valley Forge on the Brian Wilson Podcast

The Two and Only — Brian Wilson and James Bovard S3 Ep 2 The Patriot Act, secret arrests, January 6 persecutions,  Hitler’s first cameo of 2024, Valley Forge, and the endless Biden fearmongering…. Brian Wilson summary: Brian Wilson and James Bovard return to discuss 2024 Presidential choices: Biden or Hitler. Didn’t know Adolf was on […]

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“Bovard Zingers,” Monty Python, and the Brian Wilson Podcast

Brian Wilson and I had a rowdy show to start 2024.  In his introduction, Brian tagged me as “the only writer today with a vacancy sign on his 12-year molar, and recent recipient of the American Dental Association’s first annual Happy Tooth Award.” I parried with a Monty Python parrot — the best known Python […]

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Putting the Fork in 2023 on the Brian Wilson Podcast

Brian Wilson and I put 2023 out of its misery on his podcast today on what he labeled the  “Lying Dog-Faced Pony Soldier Memorial episode.”  In his intro to the show, Brian announced that I was “celebrating his new contract to reprise his role as Santa Claus next year at the Dundalk Dollar General and […]

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