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Make All Politicians Wear Microphones All the Time

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown was wearing a microphone for a TV station as he went out and talked to the common people. But he ran into one elderly ingrate who didn’t burnish his boots. After he got back into his chauffeured car, he groused that the woman was a “bigot” and wanted to know […]

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Tea Party Pushback: Now I’m a Traitor, Racist, Communist, and Nazi

My Christian Science Monitor op-ed on the Tea Party movement is spurring some uplifting responses. My article concluded, America needs real champions of freedom – not poorly informed Republican accomplices.” A phalanx of Tea Party activists rushed to vindicate their movement and prove me wrong. Following is their rebuttal to the article: Comments from the […]

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My Culpability for the Oklahoma City Bombing

I almost forgot my role in the Oklahoma City bombing. No – I’ve never been to Oklahoma. But a 1999 Los Angeles Times review of one of my books made similar points to what Bill Clinton made in his New York Times op-ed on Monday. The reviewer, Anthony Day, was horrified at my rejection of […]

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