Denials and Denunciations

TSA Chief John Pistole triple indignant, Washington Times, August 2014

ACLU Denounces my Wall Street Journal Section 8 oped, August 2011

FBI Director Louis Freeh Outraged over Ruby Ridge Criticism Wall Street Journal January 26 1995

Bovard Response to FBI Director Freeh on Ruby Ridge Wall Street Journal February 27 1995

Agriculture Secretary Glickman Outraged at Slur on Deadbeat Farmers Wall Street Journal June 19 1996

DEA Chief Bonner Indignant Over Expose of DEA Abuses in Guatemala Washington Times February 18 1993

EEOC Chairman Gilbert Cassellas Outraged over ADA Criticism Wall Street Journal July 14 1995

EEOC Chairman Gilbert Cassellas Totally Hacked Off over EEOC Criticism Wall Street Journal May 16 1995

U.S. International Trade Commissioners Outraged over Rubber Whack Wall Street Journal January 21 1993

HUD Secretary Henry Cisneros Foams over HUD Bashing Wall Street Journal August 17 1994

White House AIDS Czar in a huff over ADA Criticism Wall Street Journal April 29 1994


Washington Post Editorial Aghast at Criticism of Food Stamps - November 2 1983


Postmaster General Anthony Frank Outraged et al. Wall Street Journal February 1 1990


Fraternal Order of Police President Outraged at "Spouting Off" -- Wall Street Journal January 27 1997


World Bank honcho in a full lather over Expose of their Mischief ---Wall Street Journal September 29 1988

World Bank flack totally outraged -- Wall Street Journal October 21 1985

Undersecretary of Commerce Outraged over Dumping Whack Wall Street Journal June 22 1997

National Trust for Historic Preservation President Outraged over "Diatribe" Wall Street Journal June 10 1993

Commece Department Flack Dumps on Dumping Story Wall Street Journal July 13 1993

Commerce Department Dumping Chieftain All-round Outraged -- New York Times February 18 1990


Sierra Club Outraged over Superfund Stomping - New York Times July 22 1985

Government Worker Union Chief Protests Sloth Expose - Wall Street Journal, September 9, 1998

Sen. Orrin Hatch Outraged at Bash on Job Training Partnership Act -- Policy Review Summer 1983

Rep. Vin Weber Aghast at Swamp-Basher Piece Wall Street Journal April 27 1987

Rep. Pat Shroeder Outraged over Hooch article Wall Street Journal September 30 1992

Sen. Larry Pressler Outraged over Wheat Subsidy Whacking Wall Street Journal November 1 1993