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USA TODAY: Oreos Expose Trump's Trade Folly

USA TODAY: TSA's Gitmo-Style Groin Gropes

TSA Portland Surveillance Videos of Me

USA TODAY: Obama Victims Deserve Empty Seats

USA TODAY: Budget Bill Leaves No Boondoggle Behind

Wash. Times: Obama Fearmongering & Freedom

USA TODAY: Beware Another Census Roundup

Wash. Times: TSA Bombs the Holidays

USA TODAY: End Federal Agents' License to Kill

USA TODAY: Congress's Freedom Foyer Farce

Barron's: Supreme Court vs. Liberty & Constitution

USA Today: Washington's Latest Hunger Charade

USA Today Board of Contributors

USA TODAY: Abolish the Sugar Program

USA TODAY: Disability Act's 25 Years of Legal Chaos

Wall Street Journal: Washington's Silent Shakespeare Oxymoron

USA TODAY: End the Coverup on 9/11 Attack

Tom Woods Podcast: Public Policy Hooligan

USA TODAY: TSA Has No Excuse to Continue Groping

Wash. Times: FDA's War on Cheap Cigars

Mises Inst.: The Washington Intellecutal Gravy Train

USA TODAY: "Hurricane HUD" & the Baltimore Riots

NPR Debate on Federal Job Training Follies

USA Today: Boy Scouts Should Hang Tough

Counterpunch: Will Vagina Voters Devour Democracy?

USA TODAY: A D.C. Devil's Dictionary

USA TODAY: Scott Walker, Stadium Socialist

My Ribald Speech to the Cogswell Society

Washington Times: The Mandatory Voting Panacea

Washington Times: ObamaCare and Supreme Hypocrisy

Barron's: FDA/Nanny State Hates Cigars

USA TODAY: Eric Holder's Lawless Legacy

Washington Times: Redneck Ethnic Cleansing Recalled

Counterpunch: Americans' Fatal Freedom Apathy

Washington Times: No Halo for Holder on Forfeiture

USA TODAY: Know Nothing Democracy - Cromnibus Edition

Washington Times: Gruber & Shenanigans of Leviathan

Washington Times: ObamaCare Deception of "Stupid" Americans

Washington Times: Fighting Extremism with Extremism

Counterpunch: The Civil War & Forgotten Atrocities

USA Today: AmeriCorps at 20 is a Wasteful Flop

Fox Business News Interview on Food Insecurity Charade

: How the Feds Distort Their "Food Insecurity" Numbers

USA Today: Eric Holder's Dreadful Record on Police Shootings

*TSA Chief John Pistole Denounces My Work

Washington Times: TSA Must End Its Lies, Crimes, & Extortion

Ecologist (U.K.): Obama's Aid Ravages Third World Farmers

Washington Times: Bill Clinton's Body Snatching Legacy in Kosovo

: Sheridan's 1864 Torching of the Shenandoah Valley

Washington Times: Americans' Fading Love of Freedom

USA Today: An FDA War on Cheap Cigars?

Washington Times: Obama's Democracy Flim-Flam

: Judges Approve the Great Raisin Robbery

Washington Times: Obama's Toxic Secrecy-Censorship Combo

Washington Times: Obama's Betrayal of Brown vs. Board of Education

Washington Times: Obama's Cynicism Racketeering

USA Today: Obama's Racial Profiling in the Classroom

Washington Times: Obama's War on Govt. Watchdogs

Washington Times: "Truth Will Prevail" - Costliest Political Fairy Tale

Washington Times: Cluster Bomb Congress

NH Liberty Forum Speech Video - Libertarian Hooliganism

NH Liberty Forum Video: Obama's Constitutional Terror

Barron's: Reform Food Stamps for Good Health

Washington Times: Obama and the Obesity Epidemic

Washington Times: Why Everyone Scorns the TSA

USA Today: Don't Trust White House on Syria Claims

USA Today: Drug Lessons from a Convict Road Gang

 AmeriCorps - the Folly of Feel-Good Government

Washington Times: The Voting Rights Mirage


Wall Street Journal: A Brief History of IRS Political Targeting

Washington Times: End the USDA Dictatorship

Wall Street Journal: How "Food for Peace" Hurts Foreign Farmers

Washington Times: The Postal Sevice/Lance Armstrong Double Standard

Washington Times: The 'You are the Government' Canard

USA Today: Time to End USDA's Crazy Raisin Regime

Wall Street Journal: USDA's Bizarre Billion Dollar "Discrimination" Payout

Washington Times: Busing Tyranny by Boston's Best & Brighest

Wall Street Journal: Newest Federal Crime - Not Hiring Ex-Convicts

Washington Times: EEOC's Vendetta Against Freedom and Common Sense

Washington Times: Let's Start by Controlling Police Violence Against Americans

Wall Street Journal: "Dairy Cliff" Proves Need to Abolish Farm Programs

American Conservative: Rand Paul - a Work in Progress?

USA Today: Why Expand School Free Food Programs?

Barrons: Potomac River Blindness - Why Govt. Waste is Invisible in DC

American Conservative: FBI: A Stasi for America

Washington Times: Obama's New Disability Hiring Quota

Wall Street Journal: Don't Trust Feds with "Happiness Index"

Wall Street Journal: The Wrong Way to Help the Disabled

Los Angeles Times: Ludicrous Constitutional Linchpin of Obama

FFF: The EEOC'S Forgotten Racial Racketeering

Wall Street Journal: Confessions of a One-Season Santa Claus

Los Angeles Times: The Postal Monopoly and the Great Mail Slowdown

Counterpunch: Dying to Corrupt Afghanistan

Fox News: Drunks and Foreign Aid

MSNBC interview on Federal Training Flounders

Wall Street Journal: Federal Job Training Wrecks Work Ethics

Wall Street Journal: Raising Hell in Subsidized Housing

Sham War on Terrorism

George Mason Univ. Speech on Obama vs American Freedom

American Conservative: Leviathan's Lies

Wall Street Journal: Food Stamps for Millionaires

Forgotten Failures of the Peace Corps

Counterpunch: Idolizing Absolute Power

Wall Street Journal: My Summer Road to Perdition

Freeman: Fear-Mongering and Servitude

Barron's: Governing as Looting (Foreign Aid & Afghanistan)

Christian Science Monitor: Obama's Unlimited Right to Kill?

America's Know-Nothing Foreign Policymakers

Your Tax Dollars at Work and Play

Misdefining Liberty

CPAC Speech Trashing the Patriot Act

Interview on Conservative Leviathan Lovers

TV and Radio Appearances and Speeches on YouTube


The "Of Course" Curse (1983, New York Times)

Our Know-Nothing Foreign Policy

The Right to Resist Government Power (2000)

How Washington Protects Your Privacy and Liberty

Why Tea Party Members Should Despise George W. Bush

Rep. Hoekstra Receives CIA Bootlicking Award

Assassin Nation

Make Bill of Rights Day Our Anti-Politician Day

Abolish the Phony Privacy Board

Statism, the Greatest Threat

De-Sacralizing Democracy to Save Liberty

How Democracy Breeds Political Idiocy

Worldwide Downfall of Democracy


Welfarization & the Capsizing of Democracy

Obama and Attention Deficit Democracy


Tea Party Movement: Pro-War, Pro-Torture, Pro-Freedom?

Bill Clinton's Lethal Hypocrisy on Government Violence

The Slippery Definition of Extremism

Christian Science Monitor: Don't Trust the Census

Russian TV interview on Danger of Dictatorship

The Material Witness Ticket to Servitude

Fox News FreedomWatch Interview on FBI Crime Wave

Frightening Voters into Submission

Bogus Anti-Terrorist Crackdown on Financial Freedom

How George W. Bush Redefined American Freedom

The Media as Enablers of Government Lies

Interview with Glenn Beck on AmeriCorps

National Endowment for Democracy's Sordid History

Eight Years of Big Lies on Afghanistan

Fox News Freedom Watch Interview with Judge Napolitano

Jamaican Radio Interview on Torture

Post 9/11 Roundup of Innocents: Ashcroft's High Crime

Barron's: Obama's Summer Jobs Program Farce

McNamara's Other Body Count Debacle

REAL ID and the Danger of Government

Celebrate International Torture Day by Prosecuting Torturers

"Expanding the IMF to Bail out Tinhorn Dictators"

"The Latest Torture Coverup Scam"

"AmeriCorps and the Peril of Mandatory National Service"


"Obama's Great Medical Records Roundup"

"How Abu Ghraib was Politically Defused"


older articles:

Wall Street Journal, New York Times articles

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Freedom Daily// Future of Freedom Foundation articles

Freeman articles (Foundation for Economic Education)

Satirical Pieces


More recent Bovard articles & interviews:

Ripon Forum: The National Service Illusion

FFF: Warring as Lying in American History

American Conservative: Latest Twists on the Torture Scandal

Counterpunch: Are Presidents Entitled to Kill Foreigners?

FFF: The FBI's Right to Threaten Torture

Freedom Daily: Drunk Driving Checkpoints vs. Freedom

American Conservative: Will Torture Finish Off Bush?

Freeman: Deliberative Democracy Dementia

FFF: What do Citizens Owe the Government?

American Conservative: Congress Rubberstamps Martial Law

Boston Globe: "The 'Terrorist' Batting Average"

American Conservative: The Torture Ticking Time Bomb Beneath the Bush Administration

Los Angeles Times: Your Right to Torture the Truth out of Your Congressman

Editor & Publisher: The Washington Post Makes Dictatorial Powers Mundane

FFF: Government Lies vs. Self-Government

Globalist: The Torturous Servility of Washington Think Tanks

Baltimore Sun: Bush's Illegal Covert Financial Surveillance [also in the China Post, Salt Lake Tribune, Bergen Record, & other papers]

Freeman: Democracy versus Liberty

Freedom Daily: The Bush Torture Memos

FFF: The New Hungarian Uprising's Lessons for America

American Conservative: "All Your Balls Belong to Us" - my Review of John Yoo's Torture manifesto

FFF: Bush's Operation Founding Fathers Fraud

American Conservative: Conservatives' Treason on Free Speech

LRC: Israel's Forgotten Record in Lebanon, 1982+

American Conservative: Bush's Dictatorial Signing Statements

Fox News's Hannity & Colmes, June 23, 2006, debating Bush abuses

MSNBC, June 23, 2006 - debating Bush's illegal financial surveillance

American Conservative: "Reach Out & Tap Someone" (NSA wiretapping)

Video of National Press Club Talk - FFF MAY 2

The AL-JAZEERA Television Interview Transcript from London May 17

FFF: Bush's Wiretap Crimes & the FISA Farce

FFF: The Most Absurdities Per Kilo (the Chong Bong Bust)

Sunni's Salon Interview - April 2006

American Conservative: Bush's War on Democracy

Baltimore Chronicle: Bush's Bogus Theory of Boundless Power

Los Angeles Times: A Terrorist on Every Corner?

Orange County Register: Defining Freedom Down

Newsday: We're Losing in the Government Game

American Conservative: The NSA Spying Scandal

Orange County Register: Forgotten Dangers of Illegal Surveillance

American Conservative: Lawless Dick Cheney Strikes Again

Chicago: Patriot Act and Attention Deficit Democracy

O Estado de São Paulo: "A ignorância está afundando a democracia" (Brazil's third largest circulation newspaper)

Editor & Publisher: Fact-Checking the Feds on Airport Killing

Antiwar.com: Killing in the Name of Democracy

Baltimore Chronicle: The Farcical Definition at the Core of the War on Terror

Arizona: FISA Farce

FFF: Unleashing the Federal Surveillance Machine

Reason: TSA Killers & Their Apologists

Freedom Daily: How the Feds Took Over Farming

O Estado de São Paulo: Um terrorista em cada canto [Brazil]

Washington Times: Setting the Record Straight

Wisconsin Public Radio interview with Joy Cardin (1/25)

Other 2006 publications:

Salt Lake Tribune, Anniston Star, Las Cruces Sun News, Dodge City Globe, Southern Utah University Journal, The Peninsula (Qatar), Manchester Union Leader(NH), Albany Times Union, Myrtle Beach Sun News, Montana Standard (Butte), The Colombian (Vancouver, WA), Pasadena Weekly, Central Oregonian, Islamic Broadcasting Network, Glencoe News (Minnesota), Daily Sun News (Washington), Northwest Arkansas News, Willits News (California),


Spinoffs, Excerpts, et al.:

The Millennium Challenge Foreign Aid Fraud Barron's February 21, 2005

The Pentagon's Growing Threat to Homeland Liberties Alternet December 10, 2004

TSA's Nationwide Looting Epidemic New York Times August 18, 2004

Ashcroft's Antiterrorism Antics -American Conservative October 11, 2004

Bush Lies & Thrives Alternet September 17, 2004

The Bush Administration's Wrecking Ball Benevolence Barron's August 23, 2004

Bipartisan Repression of Freedom of Speech Baltimore Sun, August 6, 2004

Thwarting Terrorists with a Kosher Meal Registry Boston Globe, August 16, 2004

The Latest Farm Policy Fraud Washington Times, August 15, 2004

Saddam as the Twentieth Hijacker Freedom Daily October 2004

The No-Fault No-Fly List October 13, 2004

San Francisco Chronicle: Quarantining Dissent - Protecting Bush from Free Speech, Jan. 4, 2004

Reason Magazine: Cover story defaming the Transportation Security Administration - February 2004

The Freeman: COINTELPRO: The Model for the FBI's New Crackdown? - Jan. 04

American Conservative: Bush's War on Freedom of Speech December 15, 2003

USA Today: Bush's Biggest Lie on Iraq August 14, 2003

American Conservative: The New Post 9/11 Surveillance State May 19, 2003

Baltimore Sun: America Fights for Freedom to Read August 18, 2003 (also in Newark Star-Ledger, Hartford Courant, Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel, and other papers across the U.S.)

Washington Times: Bombing Sudan - Deja Vu Five Years Before Iraq August 31, 2003

Washington Times: FBI Incompetence the Key to Moussaoui Case September 7, 2003

Washington Times: Concrete Lessons of the Sniper Case October 3, 2003

Investors Business Daily: Patriot Act vs Financial Freedom October 8, 2003

Counterpuch: The Reagan Roadmap to Antiterrorism Disaster October 8, 2003

FFF: The Folly of Invading Iraq October 18, 2003

Washington Times: The TSA Keystone Kops October 23, 2003

LRC: 20 Years after the Beirut Bombing: More Soldiers Will Die for Empire October 23, 2003

Freedom Daily: President Wilson's Crusade and President Bush's Crusade November 2003

Playboy: Terrorizing the Bill of Rights April 2002

Articles mentioning the book:

Claire Wolfe, Backwoods Home Magazine: Ashcroft v. Bovard (January 2004)


Policy Review: The Great Hunger Hoax (1983)

American Spectator articles