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Last Rights: The Death of American Liberty (January update)

Hearty thanks to everyone who has purchased or reviewed Last Rights: The Death of American Liberty.  The book delivers hard facts and comic relief for these dire times.  Here’s a thumbnail on the book, reviews, and links to some excerpts & spinoffs: Americans today have “freedom” to be fleeced, harassed, surveilled, injected, censored, vilified, beaten, […]

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Pre-Turkey Day Potshots on the Brian Wilson Podcast

From the Brian Wilson Writes Substack: The Two and Only celebrate Happy Bird Day! Brian and Jim return with a paean for the pain of Hunter Biden’s name! Plus the WaPo’s ‘Pity Party” and the latest on “Last Rights, The Death of American Rights.” Listen to the 24 minute podcast at this link – and […]

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Lessons from Biden’s Disinformation Board Debacle

Lessons from Biden’s Disinformation Board Debacle by James Bovard President Biden’s campaign to banish (or maybe outlaw) political paranoia took a wallop last spring. In April, the Department of Homeland Security proudly announced that it had created a new Disinformation Governance Board. The following month, the board’s chairman resigned, and Biden administration officials claimed the […]

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New York Post: “Pro-Democracy” Media is Threat to Liberty

New York Post, January 14, 2022 ‘Pro-democracy’ and polarizing media are the real threat to liberty By James Bovard American democracy is in grave peril because journalists are insufficiently hysterical and biased. That is the conclusion of a trio of Washington Post columnists and a panoply of other media experts. But journalists’ rush to the […]

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How to Reason Like a Twitter Mob

New York Post, November 26, 2021 Twitter reaction to my Deep State piece shows Dems are docile to Big Government By James Bovard Twitter is the gold standard for cutting-edge political commentary, at least according to Twitter aficionados. Roughly 20 percent of American adults use Twitter, though the large majority of tweets come from only […]

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