Three Cheers for Egyptians and for Al Jazeera!

It is great to see so many people with the courage to risk all defying a corrupt, oppressive government.

It is great to see the party headquarters of a corrupt regime going up in flames.

And it is great to see American politicians squirming as the authoritarian tool they have bankrolled for 30 years totters and looks heading for a fall.

This is one of Al Jazeera’s finest hours. Their English-language coverage is superb.

While much of the American government has derided Al Jazeera for years, that network has actually been more forthright against oppression than has the U.S. government. Ahmed Mansour, the journalist who interviewed me for an hour (in Arabic) back in 2006 was beaten by Egyptian security forces while reporting in that country. But he never backed down.


2 Responses to Three Cheers for Egyptians and for Al Jazeera!

  1. alpowolf January 29, 2011 at 9:48 am #

    I’ve noted that a few Busheviks (nobody prominent, for instance one of the “Fox and Friends” talkers) have made careful tentative squeaks to the effect that Bush’s Glorious Crusade for Middle Eastern Democracy deserves the credit for this development. Heh, yeah I’m sure that the lives of the Egyptians revolves solely around Dubya’s sun.

    If moderates end up in control the Busheviks will probably turn up the volume on this theme. If radicals take control the Busheviks will dive for cover.

  2. Jim January 29, 2011 at 9:53 am #

    Yes, I’ve heard similar tripe. The Bush team didn’t give a damn about how Arab regimes treated Arab citizens as long as the Arab rulers were pro-Israel.