Torture Masterminds & the Prosecution of Michael Vick

So Michael Vick has been released from federal prison after serving 19 months for dog abuse.

Vick was prosecuted by an organization – the U.S. Justice Department – renowned for crafting legal rationales for torture.

Maybe if Vick had claimed that he was talking to the dogs – trying to get information out of them about Saddam and 9/11 – at the same time he abused them, the Justice Department would have given him a commendation instead of prosecuting him.

Vick’s case was settled by a plea agreement. It is a disgrace that judges accept such plea agreements as “voluntary,” since prosecutors ladle on so many charges that such deals are often the equivalent of a robber’s option: “your money or your life.”

American citizens rarely have the opportunity to pass judgment on the conduct of prosecutors. Legislators have assured that fewer people each decade can afford to risk total ruin by seeking a jury verdict.

What Vick did to dogs was despicable and he can rightfully be condemned for it by other Americans.

But to have the U.S. Justice Department preening itself on this case…. What a load of bunk.


2 Responses to Torture Masterminds & the Prosecution of Michael Vick

  1. Rosa May 21, 2009 at 11:37 am #

    Things are looking up for Vick now that he has been released. This video show that most Americans think that he deserves a second chance : He is also going to work for the Humane Society to try to end urban dogfighting rings.

  2. Dirk W. Sabin May 23, 2009 at 1:52 pm #

    Lets take a gander at the new “Newburgh Terrorist Cell” and the rather transparent entrapment episode there. It is swell that the very public arrests by our Great Security State are generally a bunch of knuckleheads from assorted Gangs that couldn’t shoot straight. I wonder how much money they flushed down the terlit to snatch these morons. One of them had a sister who even said her brother was dumb as a hammer.