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Rep. Hoekstra Wins CIA Torture Medal of Honor

from the Future of Freedom Foundation sent out this op-ed today – [also posted on Counterpunch here] Hoekstra Receives CIA’s Bootlicking Award by James Bovard, December 28, 2010 On December 21, the Central Intelligence Agency gave its Agency Seal Medal to Rep. Pete Hoekstra, the top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee. Hoekstra has labored […]

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How Washington Protects Your Privacy & Liberty

from the January issue of The Freeman – James Bovard How Washington Protects Your Privacy and Liberty January/February 2011 • Volume: 61 • Issue: 1 Preserving trust in government is the highest good—at least for politicians. To create that trust, government continually spawns façades to make people believe their rights are safe. Few things better […]

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Washington Times: Punishing Anti-Freedom Politics

The Washington Times published my Bill of Rights Day piece today. They included some excellent artwork: BOVARD: Liberty comes alive once a year Bill of Rights Day marks an opportunity to punish anti-freedom politicsBy James Bovard – The Washington Times December 16, 2010 Wednesday was the 219th anniversary of the ratification of the Bill of […]

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MP3s of Today’s Interview with WBAL’s Ron Smith on Assassin Nation

Ron Smith and I had a rollicking chat on “Assassin Nation” on WBAL this morning. Ron is much savier than most hosts – and he has paid attention for decades to how government power has accumulated and become far more dangerous. We also took some whacks at WikiLeaks critics. I commented that many Americans were […]

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