Archive | January 29, 2007

America’s Previous Antiterrorism Disasters in Lebanon

In his State of the Union message last week, George Bush rattled his saber towards Hezbollah, trying to make it sound almost as frightening as Al Qaeda.  This was typical Bush hokum.   The history of U.S. intervention in Lebanon proves that America should stay the heck out of that country. I wrote the following piece last August; it appeared in the Future […]

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Subversive Photos from the DC Antiwar Rally 1/27/07

SEE PHOTO BELOW (@#$# software) This was my favorite photo from Saturday’s demonstration. Where is the Secret Service when you need it? I have 10 other photos posted at  I am tottering on the edge of getting the hang of some of this modern technology. UPDATE 1/30: The Flickr page with the “Bush Swings […]

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