Kent Snyder, RIP

Kent Snyder, the head of Ron Paul’s Liberty Study Committee and Ron’s right-hand man for much of the last 20 years, passed away last week.

I first recall meeting him when he invited me to talk to a regular dinner that congressman Paul held for fellow-minded members of Congress in the late 1990s.   Kent was both very sharp and very gracious – a triple-rare combination in Washington.  I never expected a chance to talk about Ruby Ridge in a House Office Building.   I ran into him periodically at DC gigs in the subsequent years, and he was usually the calmest person in the room.   Living and working in the Beltway area never corrupted his good disposition.

Kent probably did more than anyone else to persuade Ron Paul to run for president last year.  (Kent was chairman of the campaign).  The subsequent campaign woke up thousands of people to the perils of Leviathan and the bounty of liberty.  Hopefully this ‘awakening’ will pay dividends for freedom in the coming years and decades.

Ron Paul’s eloquent tribute to Kent is here,  as are comments by Norm Singleton and Daniel McAdams, two Ron Paul legislative staffers who do some of the best work on Capitol Hill.



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