I’m Speaking Thursday (11/13) at George Mason Univ.

The Future of Freedom Foundation and the George Mason University Econ Society invited me to speak on this Thursday evening (11/13) as part of their Economic Liberty Lecture /dinner Series.

Admission and the dinner are free and the movie alone should be worth the trip.


DATE: November 13, 2008 – Thursday

PLACE: GMU Enterprise Hall 80 [[Here is a link to a map of the GMU campus]

TIME: 5:30 pm – Dinner
6:00 pm – Talk with Q&A
7:30 pm – Movie


SPEAKER: James Bovard

James Bovard is the author of Attention Deficit Democracy (2006) and eight other books, including the award winning Lost Rights (1994). He has written for the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Playboy, Washington Post, New Republic, Reader’s Digest, and many other publications. His books have been translated into Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, and Korean. He is policy advisor to The Future of Freedom Foundation, a contributing editor of The Freeman, and The American Conservative, and a regular contributor to Freedom Daily.

MOVIE: Brazil
“Part social commentary, part outrageous fantasy, this black comedy presents a future where society is completely controlled by an inefficient government. Sam Lowrey (Jonathan Pryce) is a daydreaming civil servant who spots an error in a sea of paperwork, leading to the arrest of an innocent man. While Lowrey attempts to right the wrongful arrest, the state incorrectly assumes him to be terrorist Harry Tuttle (Robert De Niro) and goes after him.”

Presented by: GMU Econ Society

The Future of Freedom Foundation
www.fff.org fff@fff.org 703-934-6101

Directions: George Mason University, 4400 University Drive, Fairfax, VA.
Visitors should park in the Mason Pond Parking Deck off Mason Pond Dr. –the third level is just a short walk to Enterprise Hall. Cost is $2 per hour; $8 max per day. All Parking Inquiries: 703-993-2710.


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  1. Jeff November 13, 2008 at 9:20 pm #

    I’d like to see a war crimes trial, also. But I doubt that it will happen. It would plunge this country into a very difficult place. Can you imagine the hatred pouring forth from the likes of Hannity and Limbaugh?