Laid off? Great New Book Provides Guidance & No BS

Nicholas Carroll, the author of the bestselling Dancing with Lawyers, has a new hit rolling off the press – and the Internet.

If you’re looking for a dry shoulder or a box of tissues, this is the wrong book for you.

Instead, Nicholas offers straight-from-the-hip advice – based on his long experience in the up-and-down swings in the technology and other businesses.

This riff from his Introduction nicely captures what the book is and isn’t:

This is not your usual layoff guide, starting with my own story, then emotional counseling, then a “cheer up” message, ending with job-hunting advice and congratulations on finding a new job. Layoff books come out every time there is a recession, and most of them are written to that formula. This plan focuses on things you can do right now and in the coming weeks and months to improve your financial situation, based on my long experience with layoffs, plus a lot of hard research on the current situation.”

The webpage for the book is here.

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