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De-Sacralizing Democracy to Save Liberty

from the Future of Freedom Foundation’s Freedom Daily (July issue) – posted online today – De-Sacralizing Democracy to Save Liberty by James Bovard In the 1770s, the British colonists living in America won their freedom from British rule thanks to the

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A Tea Party Bright Side: Making the Fed Sweat

It’s great that the Tea Party is making the Federal Reserve sweat…. The New York Times has a piece detailing how, thanks to Tea Party activists, one “likely outcome” of the November elections “is greater scrutiny of the Fed, even though the Wall Street regulatory overhaul that Mr. Obama signed in July already calls for […]

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Prince George’s Police Latest Scandal: Too Stupid to Cheat

[UPDATED BELOW] The Washington Post has another horror story on the PG Police. The Prince George’s County Police Academy apparently had a system of organized cheating for trainees that was so obvious that even the auditors noticed. (When an entire class gets perfect grades on a whole slew of tests, that’s a clue). When some […]

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