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MP3 of Today’s Brian Wilson Show Turkey Shoot

WSPD’s Brian Wilson and I had a rattlin’ good chat this afternoon about foreign aid, Afghanistan, and whether Sheryl Crow (the Panty Peak star of the Country Music award show) should be labeled “middle aged.” I didn’t say she wasn’t cute. Brian’s wit and wrath against the government makes for a fun show. You can […]

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MP3 of Today’s Interview with Ron Smith on WBAL

It’s always fun to raise hell with Ron Smith in Baltimore. Ron had me on his WBAL show today and we had a good time flogging foreign aid and the Afghan debacle. Ron is one of the best informed talk show hosts out there, and it was neat to see what his memory bank pulled […]

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Barron’s: The Anti-Corruption Charade (full text)

Barron’s, June 6, 2011 The Anti-Corruption Charade by James Bovard In much of the world, governing is a synonym for looting. Unfortunately, American and European foreign aid has a long history of accelerating the looting. Foreign aid created a generation of kleptocracies—governments of thieves—in Africa in the 1970s and 1980s. Mercedes-Benz automobiles became so popular […]

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Barron’s: Governing as Looting

My tribute to foreign aid is the guest editorial in this week’s Barron’s. Here is an outtake they have posted online: Editorial Commentary | SATURDAY, JUNE 4, 2011 The Anti-Corruption Charade By JAMES BOVARD If there’s free money to steal, there will be more stealing In much of the world, governing is a synonym for […]

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