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Alexander Cockburn, RIP

Alexander Cockburn, one of the best and most courageous writers of our time, has passed away after a two year fight with cancer.  I was a huge fan of his writings from the Kosovo/Serbian war onwards. He saw through and skewered the Clinton/Albright BS on that disgraceful, unprovoked NATO aggression as well as anybody.  I […]

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sniper crosshairs

Forgotten Lessons of the D.C. Sniper Rampage

From the Future of Freedom Foundation… Freedom Daily, April 2012 FORGOTTEN LESSONS FROM THE D.C. SNIPER RAMPAGE by James Bovard A decade ago, the Washington, D.C., area was traumatized by two guys who rode around shooting people from the trunk of their ancient Chevrolet Caprice. John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo have long since […]

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Barron’s: Potomac River Blindness – Why Govt. Waste is Invisible in DC

Barron’s Editorial Commentary | SATURDAY, JULY 14, 2012 Potomac River Blindness By JAMES BOVARD Government waste goes unseen in Washington. It is only a question of time: Washington soon will be convulsed by the next federal budget crisis. Unfortunately, neither presidential candidate is offering substantive proposals to curb soaring federal outlays. One side offers high […]

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Anniversary of a Federal Fraud: Freedom of Information Act

On July 4, 1966, President Lyndon Johnson signed the first federal Freedom of Information Act.  The federal government has pretended to be open to citizens ever since. The National Security Archive, a private non-profit research arm, celebrated the anniversary with this notice.  That Archive has done a superb job of using FOIA to pry out […]

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Happy Independence Day! & The Failure of the All-Volunteer Congress

July 4th is my Independence Day, regardless of how depraved the government has become. Thirty-three years ago, the New York Times printed a satire I wrote on the failure of the All-Volunteer Congress. Back then, the All-Volunteer military was relatively new, and critics were denouncing it for a dozen specious reasons. (Here’s an online link to one […]

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Did Washington Post Soften Damning Pepco CEO Quote on Power Outage?

As the power outage drags on in the DC area, today’s Washington Post subscribers were relieved to read the following from regional Pepco president Thomas Graham: “You can’t say this was a Pepco issue.” I read that line early this morn, prior to my power returning. I checked the online version and was surprised to […]

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