MP3 of Public Policy Hooligan & Tom Woods Show


Public Policy Hooligan and Tom Woods – from his 7/1/15 Podcast

Bestselling author Tom Woods invited me back on his program to discuss Public Policy Hooligan: Rollicking and Wrangling from Helltown to Washington.  Here is the link to the interview on Tom’s excellent site.

Tom called the book “wonderful” and  kindly commented: “There are so many things in Public Policy Hooligan that you guys would love reading. And it is great summer reading because not only do you learn a lot but with Jim Bovard writing it, the prose sparkles and the stories jump off the page. It is not just a book about just public policy – but it is about this particular person uncovering all these horrifying episodes.”

There are lots of rambunctious vignettes in the interview – including how I learned not to shovel while working for the Virginia Highway Dept., the story of my teenage false arrest for armed robbery and concealing a deadly weapon, what I learned about sex while  visiting the federally-funded Marion Barry Youth Leadership, my warring against fair trade, the story of my aborted interview with Labor Secretary Elizabeth Dole, the Section 8 crime spree, etc.


UPDATE: Having some fun with this interview on Twitter –


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