MP3 Thumping TSA with Michael Graham on Atlanta’s 106.7

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Michael Graham, the “Goyim Gangsta” host on Atlanta’s 106.7 FM, and I had fun whupping up on TSA this morning. I think he enjoyed my line about how a TSA screener in Portland “tried to turn my family jewels into a pancake” during an “enhanced patdown.”

TSA’s catastrophic delays at airports are causing thousands of passengers to miss their flights each day. It is so bad in Chicago that people are sleeping in the airport because of TSA debacles. Michael hammered the TSA as incorrigible and urged privatization of airport security. We also discussed how people’s submission to TSA idiocy raises questions about how many Americans still give a damn about freedom.

You can listen to the interview by clicking below –


TSA cartoon by David Horsey


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