Trump-Biden First Debate Comments, Carping, & Caviling

The first Trump-Biden debate is tonight. Here is my running commentary via Twitter & maybe a little Facebook thrown in –

RECAP: I would score this Trump 60%, Biden 40%. Trump needs to score knockdowns to close the apparent polling gap and I don’t think he did that tonight. I expect that Trump, as he did in 2016, will be sharper in the 2nd & 3rd debates. My hunch is that Biden won’t be able to do any better. He often seemed flustered tonight.  I wasn’t expecting civility tonight, and I wasn’t disappointed. My own views are colored by my views on the specter of Biden imposing a national lockdown & keeping schools shutdown. Neither candidate was honest and neither candidate showed affection for either the Constitution or limited government. I would far prefer to see a pro-freedom candidate making a strong case on the prez debate stage. But that won’t happen this year.

+ Post-debate comments by pundits, media, etc.:  Biden talking as if  he would put hundreds of millions of Americans under house arrest but that is a non-issue.  In the same way, the vast majority of the media coverage this year has ignored or derided civil liberties while championing government lockdowns that failed to stop COVID from spreading.

“I am the Democratic Party” announces Biden

Trump focusing on the perils of Biden imposing a national shutdown is very effective. #Debates2020


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