Trump-Biden Final Debate: My 2 Cents

This was the most substantive presidential debate thus far, much better than the first one or the VP debate. Will Trump’s effort to make the “laptop from hell” into a major news story even for liberal outlets succeed? Seeing Biden defend himself by invoking his reputation for honor wasn’t an ideal retort. Biden seemed fairly sharp early on but faded badly as the night went on. Biden was like a tired heavyweight trying to hang on in the final round of 15. And then he knocked himself out in the final minutes by saying he wants to shut down the oil industry. Reminds me of the first Ali-Frazier fight where Ali got flattened by Frazier in the last round, sealing his defeat. I will be curious to see how much damage Biden suffers in oil extracting states.

Both candidates said plenty of things that made me cringe. As I noted in today’s “‘Choose Your Liar’ Democracy” piece, the one certainty this year is that an honest man will not win the election.

NBC’s Kristen Welker was a far more competent and effective moderator than anyone I have seen this year. I was concerned that the mute button would blight the evening but that didn’t happen.



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