MP3 Duncan Lemp Killing & Coverup – Scott Horton Show

Scott Horton is one of the best freedom hell-raisers on the radio and the web.  Scott has been hellfire on the Duncan Lemp case since he was killed on March 12.  We had a hearty 50 minute chat on the case this afternoon.

from the Libertarian Institute website: “Jim Bovard is back to discuss the tragic killing of Duncan Lemp, a Maryland man who was shot by police during a no-knock SWAT raid last year. Bovard has been covering the details of Lemp’s story ever since, including the ways that the police department’s story keeps changing and the fact that there’s no body cam footage to verify what happened. Bovard stresses that no-knock raids are complete overkill in almost all cases, and they only lead to senseless killings like this one. He and Scott also discuss many similar cases in recent American history, all of which highlight the need for a reform of the way policing is done in this country.”

My 2 cents:  Montgomery County Maryland cops offered completely different versions of how Lemp was killed in a March 2020 press release and the official whitewash report released on December 31, 2020.  Scott and I carefully sorted out the different versions.

Listen or download the 50 minute interview here:

Discussed on the show:

  • “The Official Whitewash of the Killing of Duncan Lemp” (The American Conservative)
  • “Police killing of Maryland man shows dangers of SWAT, no-knock raids” (USA Today)

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