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N.Y. Post: Congress’ unconstitutional pay scam gets members $34K raises

New York Post, May 1, 2023 Congress’ unconstitutional pay scam gets members $34K raises by James Bovard Washington, DC, needs an emergency supply of snazzy sandwich boards announcing, “Will Legislate for Food.” A hunger crisis on Capitol Hill gave congressional leaders no choice but to trample the Constitution. Thanks to a backroom deal, House members […]

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Thumping Biden’s Mortgage Madness on WMAL Washington Talk Radio

I was on WMAL Washington radio yesterday with Larry O’Connor to pummel Biden’s mortgage mandate madness.  He liked my line: “The easiest way to ruin somebody’s life is to give them a mortgage they can’t afford.”  The furor over this policy is spurring House Republicans to seek to block the Biden administration’s boneheaded “reform.” Here’s […]

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Screenshot 2023-04-25 at 20-02-32 NY Post Columnist Jim Bovard Feds to force banks to give weak borrowers cheaper mortgages 04-25-23

Thumping Biden’s Bizarre Mortgage Edict on WABC Radio New York

77 WABC‘s Rita Cosby had me on her New York radio show to talk about my New York Post oped on Biden’s bizarre scheme to punish creditworthy homebuyers to subsidize bad credit risks. Giving people mortgages they can’t afford can ruin their lives. Biden could repeat the 2008+ housing crash that devastated Blacks & Hispanics. […]

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N.Y. Post: Biden’s mortgage ‘equity’ will screw up the homebuying market

New York Post, April 25, 2023 Biden’s mortgage ‘equity’ will screw up the homebuying market By James Bovard When did being creditworthy become a federal crime? Team Biden will intentionally punish homebuyers with good credit scores to subsidize people with shaky histories of paying their debts. But the latest salvation scheme ignores the sordid history […]

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Talking Taxes, Federal Idiocy, Waco, etc. on Podcast with Brian Wilson

On this week’s podcast with Brian Wilson, I reveal my counter-offer to ABC on shaving my beard. We reveal the secret behind “voluntary” income taxes and smack around idiotic cabinet secretaries and the Biden administration’s opposition to a ceasefire between Russia and Ukraine. The 30th anniversary of the FBI final assault at Waco rounds out […]

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