“Bovard Zingers,” Monty Python, and the Brian Wilson Podcast

Brian Wilson and I had a rowdy show to start 2024.  In his introduction, Brian tagged me as “the only writer today with a vacancy sign on his 12-year molar, and recent recipient of the American Dental Association’s first annual Happy Tooth Award.”

I parried with a Monty Python parrot — the best known Python sketch involving  a guy conned to buy a dead parrot.  Big chunk of filling & tooth fell out (damned expensive steak on New Year’s).  But that tooth had a root canal 30 years ago, so it was already dead.

Brian replied, “I was just afraid that it was just another way of Germany getting even with you.”

I conceded: “Well, I didn’t have a lot of anesthetic for that root canal from the family dentist….. Hey, I don’t want to sound bitter.”

After a cameo reference to the movie “Marathon Man,” we plinked lines from my “Zestiest Zingers of 2023” roundup.

Here’s Brian’s summary of the program — which you can listen to at the Brian Wilson Writes Substack – and plenty of other places

The Two and Only — Brian Wilson and James Bovard S3 Ep 1
The Two and Only see the Future from the Past. How do they do that? Listen and find out!
Thanks to Brian Wilson for the art work for this week’s show!

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