“Come Sip with the Gestapo!” Vaccine Passports


“Come Sip with the Gestapo!” I took this photo at a D.C. Dupont Circle coffee shop 2 year ago. Every table hosted a hefty warning sign: “Masks on & Vaccine Cards out!” Patrons were hectored: “All cafes and restaurants… are REQUIRED by the Mayor’s Office to check vaccine cards of dine-in customers. Thank you for helping us comply with local regulations to remain open!”

I was mystified why people would pay $6.50 for a coffee to be treated worse than parolees.

Former FDA press chief Emily Miller scoffed, “The purpose of a vaccine passport is for the #ScaredVaccinated to have a false sense of security.” There was far less compliance with such edicts in lower-income parts of DC. The vax passport regime was approved by 86 percent of D.C. whites but only 63 percent of blacks. Blacks had a lower vaccination rate and the mayor’s edict effectively made them second-class citizens. That coffee shop went out of business shortly after my visit.

Washingtonians’ submission to Covid Vax Passports is another reason to scorn their guidance for the rest of us.



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