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The latest episode of the Two and Only Podcast –   his summary:

The Two and Only S3 Ep 9 — Brian Wilson and James Bovard

“Do you drive, travel or think you actually own something? The Two and Only, Brian Wilson and Jim Bovard explain why not and why why not.”
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My take:

Today’s show was spurred in part by my Monday piece on “Highway Robbery is the Law of the Land.” Police have seized more than $2.5 billion in cash from sixty thousand travelers on the nation’s highways—with no criminal charges in most cases, according to the Washington Post.  In Tenaha, Texas, police confiscated a gold crucifix from a lady – claiming it must be tied to drug dealing despite no evidence.  In Phelps County, Missouri, cops would say if someone had an air freshener hanging from the rearview mirror, that was a sign they were a drug dealer- so they could confiscate their money. Same BS happened around the nation.

Brian asked, “How bad is it? What are the chances uh that any one of us can get pilfered by police?”

“Seventeen percent,” I replied.

Asset forfeiture segued into eminent domain, which I said was “a huge issue in a lot of American cities in the 1950s and 1960s as part of urban renewal. In a lot of places, the explicit goal was to drive out the blacks and the Puerto Ricans…  Same thing is happening now and has happened for many years in Baltimore… The city government has gotten all this money from HUD and other places to do urban renewal on the piecemeal basis. They just go in and condemn all these row houses and pay a pittance to the owners and then raise the houses and waiting for some very fancy condos to come in and take their place. And hey, it ain’t happening, but you’ve got a lot of elderly blacks and other folks who have been thrown out of their homes and given very little money and they’re in so much worse shape.”

Talking about the Supreme Court rubber stamps tyranny, I commented that the court had some decisions in the mid-1990s that said that no-knock raids are not good – i.e., prohibited or severely restricted.  Then later Court decisions said that “except unless the cops were afraid or something like that it was almost that broad” – unleashing pervasive raids around the nation.

I said that “it doesn’t matter if police are grabbing private property or grabbing the Fourth Amendment, the courts have generally rolled over…. The Supreme Court has sometimes moaned and groaned, but they have done [almost] nothing to stop the outrages.”

Brian commented: “I’ve always found rather astounding … is that when people who are not into guns, who are not hunters, who are not collectors, who don’t have a license or a repair business or something, is they don’t know what the hell they’re talking about 99 times out of 100. They don’t know what a semi-automatic gun is versus a fully automatic gun. They don’t understand the difference between rifle calibers, trajectories, impact, and so on. It’s just fascinating, and yet they’re sitting up there making laws for or against restrictions, taxes, and so on and stuff they obviously don’t know a damn thing about.”

To wit:

Thanks to Pixabay for the royalty-free robbery image – Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay


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