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Pity for a Constitution Stomper?

Congresswoman Jane Harman is indignant. A National Security Agency wiretap reportedly picked up her conversation seeking favors from a suspected Israeli agent in return for Harman lobbying the Justice Department to drop the lawsuit against AIPAC’s former top officials. Harman denies the charge and swears that her good name has been defiled. (Har!). Harman sent […]

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Obama-Style “Nation of Laws”

Obama proudly declared yesterday that ours is a “nation of laws” at the same time he announced that CIA torturers would not be prosecuted for their crimes. Life in Washington is one damn paradox after another. Kudos to the American Civil Liberties Union for their lawsuit that compelled the disclosure of the torture memos yesterday. […]

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Latest Wiretap Crimes Spur No Fear or Loathing

The New York Times revealed last night that the National Security Agency has been illegally spying on legions of Americans’ email and phone calls. Congress vastly expanded the NSA’s surveillance purview last year – but the NSA has chosen to go much further. The Times noted that the NSA may have spied on one congressman […]

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