Will Obama Out-BS Bush?

Obama’s speech from West Point tonight may drive the final wooden stake into liberals’ hope that their guy would create a Brave New Order in Washington and the world.

The fact that Obama is following in Bush’s footsteps – talking to an audience of captive individuals who would be ruined for life by a single catcall – is a sign of how archaic hope for change and reform has become.

If Obama honestly admitted that he is sending American boys to die to help assure the profits of drug kingpins like Karzai’s brother, I could at least respect the president’s candor.

But the odds of truth breaking out during Obama’s visit to West Point are slim and none – and “Slim just left town,” as Dan Rather says.


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One Response to Will Obama Out-BS Bush?

  1. Dirk W. Sabin December 3, 2009 at 10:11 am #

    Was it Mersheimer or Hornburg who recently pointed to a quote by George Ball to LBJ…when they were discussing the futility of their position. Ball reportedly told the President that there was no way they were ever going to “find enough asians to kill other asians”……or words to that effect. So much for the occupier standing down when the occupied stands up. What is really interesting is this stated notion that the U.S. will bypass the government in Kabul and concentrate on the taking the war to the Taliban. Again, so much for the occupied standing up so the Occupiers can leave.

    Under Bush, the War Party made things up as it went along with the aid of only rather crude Presidential Oratory. Now, they are making things up with a slightly elevated level of oratory. They are still making things up as they go along though and the term of art for this is, as I recall: “Creative Destruction”.