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The Hill: Did TSA Use My Opeds for Their Wacky Terrorist Profiles?

TheHill.com TSA justifies pat downs with op-eds — is my paper trail to blame? By James Bovard, opinion contributor – 07/29/17 01:35 PM EDT Americans love to grouse about the Transportation Security Agency. I have caterwauled as loudly as anyone over the years. But I learned last week that some of TSA’s absurdities might be […]

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Easter & My Insane Rabbit-Terrorist Gig in Boston

Technically, I was never an Easter Rabbit – at least not that I can remember. (Some Easter dinners involved way too much beer.) But when I lived in Boston, I served time as a Beatrix Potter promotion rabbit at a Filene’s Department store. Except that the bizarre outfit looked more like a killer rabbit. The […]

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Will Trump’s Immigration Order Ban Congressmen from U.S.?

Trump’s immigration order closes the border to “those who do not support the Constitution.” So most congressmen will be prohibited from re-entering the U.S.? OK, so I’m a hopeless optimist. Also on Twitter – Trump's immigration order bans "those who do not support the Constitution." So most congressmen will be prohibited from re-entering the US? […]

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Iraqi Voters, 2005

Post-Inaugural Rage & Loathing – My Hot Times in 2005

There have been some screaming matches on Washington-bound flights between people coming for Trump’s inauguration versus the Women’s March  the following day. A dozen years ago, I saw – well, maybe sparked – similar fracases on a flight from Washington to Dallas, Texas, two days after Bush’s second inaugural speech whooped up forcibly spreading freedom […]

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Ralph Raico, R.I.P. – Scholar & Champion of Freedom

Ralph Raico, the great libertarian scholar, passed away recently at the age of 80. Thanks to the Foundation for Economic Education, he met the legendary Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises while he was still in high school in New York. He attended Mises’ seminars and later studied under Nobel Laureate Friedrich Hayek at the University of […]

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bob zadek show art work 1450920543688

LISTEN LIVE: Targeting TSA on San Fran Radio 12/27

I will be on the Bob Zadek show on Sunday, 12/27, at Noon Eastern on Talk 910 AM in San Francisco.  You can listen live by clicking here.  I will post an MP3 of the interview after the show. Bob is a libertarian firebrand with a lively sense of humor; his show’s motto is “ideas […]

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Supreme Court protest

Wash. Post’s Wittiest Column Ends; Captured my Supreme Court Eviction

Washington Post’s Al Kamen announced yesterday that he is ending his “In the Loop” column.  Kamen has set the gold standard for irony and sarcasm for political and bureaucratic finagling since 1992.   Kamen is a rarity in D.C. – a journalist more likely to scoff than to curtsy to the Powers That Be. Here is his amusing […]

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