Archive | March 12, 2006

American Conservative prints my hit on Lawless Dick Cheney

The new issue of American Conservative (3/27/06) contains my hit on Cheney’s latest lawlessness.  Here is the first paragraph: “The biggest surprise from the shooting of Harry Worthington was Dick Cheney’s announcement that he is entitled to declassify national security secrets. Such declassifications raise the question of whether the president and vice president possess unlimited discretion […]

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A Liberal Reviews Bush Betrayal

The Aging Hipster recently read Bush Betrayal. I’m happy he made it through the book and took the time to put his thoughts on his blog.   He gave me permission to repost it – so here it is.   The Aging Hipster is a self-described “Georgia Mountain Man” and Pittsburgh Steelers fan.  Both those factors mean that, unlike some white-gloved […]

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