Archive | April 5, 2006

Thanks to Will Grigg & the New American!

Will Grigg, who has one of the zestiest, hard-hitting political blogs anywhere, has a review of Attention Deficit Democracy in the April 17 issue of The New American.  Grigg’s article, entitled “Great Leader Democracy,” starts out as follows: “Most Americans are disinclined to think deeply about the tyrannical actions of government, but James Bovard’s Attention […]

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Another TSA Frisk Gone Awry

Brian Doyle, the #2 spokesman for the Department of Homeland Security, has done yeoman work in helping Americans understand how the Transportation Security Administration is protecting them.  After TSA air marshals gunned down Rigoberto Alipizar outside of a plane in Miami last December, Doyle justified the killing to the media: “He threatened that he had a […]

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The Idiocy Behind the Federal Takeover of Agriculture

The Future of Freedom Foundation posted online today my article on how the feds seized control of American agriculture in the late 1920s and early 1930s.   This story is not conducive to trust in either politicians or intellectuals. Here’s the wrapup of the piece: Though much of the farm crisis of the early 1930s was […]

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