Archive | May 4, 2006

Did the Bovard Blog make the Top 5,000???

MSNBC reports today that the Pentagon is checking out 5000 websites a day. Admittedly, the Arab alphabet has not yet appeared on this site. On the other hand, some of the neoconservatives (who dominated the Pentagon in the first Bush administration) consider France an enemy of the United States, posing potentially an even greater threat to […]

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On Karen Kwiatkowski Show this Saturday (5/6) night

I will be on the Karen Kwiatkowski radio show Saturday night (9 pm through 11 pm) talking about Attention Deficit Democracy. Karen’s show is on the Republic Broadcasting Network. It is possible to listen live here.   Karen is the retired Air Force Lt. Col. who courageously blew the whistle on the NeoCons’ machinations in the […]

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