Archive | October 9, 2006

Pro Libertate: Independent, Unabashed, and Undaunted

Will Grigg is one of the hardest working pro-freedom bloggers in the business.  His Pro Libertate blog is consistently among the punchiest, pithiest, most penetrating takes on the perils of politicians.  He has a new blog entry on Sam Adams and the American Revolution that vivifies the danger of waiting until too late to resist oppression.  […]

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Bush’s Signing Statement Dictatorship

The fine folks at Future of Freedom Foundation posted today a piece I did on Bush’s endless nullifications of federal law. The longer he reigns, the more difficult it is to give Bush the benefit of the doubt. Bush’s Signing Statement Dictatorship by James Bovard, October 9, 2006 President Bush has once again decreed that […]

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