Listen LIVE Online Thursday (11/29) -Brian Wilson Radio Show 5 pm Eastern

Brian Wilson, one of the finest talk show hosts in the biz, invited me on his show tomorrow (Thursday, 11/29) at 5:00 pm Eastern time.  You can listen live here.  He is on WSPD in Toledo, 1370 AM.   He rules talk radio in his part of the country, and is reportedly on the verge of driving the mayor of Toledo into exile.   Or at least back to London, courtesy of city contractors.

We will be whupping up on new federal surveillance schemes that are leaking out durn near every week.


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3 Responses to Listen LIVE Online Thursday (11/29) -Brian Wilson Radio Show 5 pm Eastern

  1. Brian Wilson November 29, 2007 at 5:48 am #

    Thanks for the advanced notice!
    Toledo is the Petri Dish for every ill and -ism known to Man! (I think the Mayor is a carrier).
    Looking forward to striking the root a few times. Anyone who can’t make the party can grab the podcast from

  2. Lawhobbit November 29, 2007 at 5:00 pm #

    Mmmmm…podcasts…..all the yummy goodness, none of the annoying PSAs.

  3. Tory November 30, 2007 at 4:09 am #

    I was watching this guy (the one that everyone knows) on the news; and I saw his face and it allowed me to observe his demeanor one more time and up close. He was talking; and while he talked yu could see his movements; you could see his face move while he talked. I knew then, better than before, this guy is a thug with an agenda for which he is determined to carry out. But he’s more than a thug; he’s a criminal, a murderer. He’s not just someone with a different set of values, like maybe a neocon, he’s a like a political activist who would commit murder to achieve his goals.

    There’s a handful of Americans (you could count them on your hands) who are simply a bunch of con artists. They’re famous and wealthy; every Sunday they preach to hustle people. My point is while many people know what they are, millions of people have a high regard for them (for criminals) and don’t perceive them to be what they really are. And the same applies to this guy, but much worse because he’s gotten so many people killed while using so much of other people’s money to do it; and he’s done this not for any, arguably, good reason, but only for profit and to appease his following.

    What he has done is so well disguised that even his opposites might be heard saying “don’t compare anyone to Hitler; that’s wrong.” But he’s almost just like him; because he’s just like a sociopath. And to not be able to compare him to Hitler allows his scheme, his crimes to be executed, because he’s as near to Hitler as anyone could be. But all that is nothing new; millions of people preferred, choose, to remain politically correct while Hitler executed his agenda too.

    The most difficult thing to overcome, before anyone can identify the truth, is to be able to identify what is so difficult to believe–only after you can get past the unbelieveability nature of another person’s conduct can you begin to identify the truth. But unlike Hitler, in this setting, the crook is disguised, in part, because so many can’t see what is really occurring.

    The Framers established a set of rules that would make it difficult or impossible for this type of dictator to do what he’s doing. But these deviants, under the guise of morality and justice, have learned how to circumvent this set of rules; and it just demonstrates how slick they are. McCain actually compared Paul to Hitler. And we all know McCain knows why people attacked on 9/11. An honest, moral person couldn’t do what that crook has done to America and other third world countries.