Archive | January 14, 2008

LISTEN LIVE Tuesday (1/15) 5 pm Eastern -BRIAN WILSON show

Brian Wilson, one of the zippiest talk show hosts around, invited me on his show for Tuesday (1/15) at 5 PM Eastsern. You can listen live here.  He is on WSPD in Toledo, 1370 AM. Not sure of the topics – but Ron Paul, Bush, and the “Filipino Monkey” might be on the hit parade. Should […]

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The War Issue in the Michigan Primary?

Unfortunately, I don’t live in Michigan [!] – but I’m curious on the big vote on Tuesda –   How are the presidential candidates playing the Iraq war issue in the Michigan primary? Are any candidates running radio or TV ads explicitly opposing or supporting the war? If so, are the ads on the war resonating? Does the […]

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