Brian Wilson Sweeps Ohio

Actually, maybe ‘cleans up Toledo’ would be a more accurate headline.

The Toledo Blade, a newspaper that Brian has treated with the same affection that Nixon lavished on the Washington Post, has a hefty, mostly glowing profile of Brian today here.  I’m glad to see his superb talent getting recognized in print.  

I was not aware before reading the article that radio’s gain had been bowling’s loss.

Brian’s war against creation of a ‘county poet’ is especially uplifting stuff.

I was surprised the article did not have a section on Brian’s legendary Bassmaster achievements.

And the biggest mystery in the piece – the Marines and their “urban patrol exercise” in downtown Toledo – what the hell was that all about??????


3 Responses to Brian Wilson Sweeps Ohio

  1. Brian Wilson February 17, 2008 at 10:24 pm #

    Any Bovard Blog readers who read the Blade piece will be introdiced to just 2 of this city’s pocket dictators and, as a bonus, get a peek at how Toledo is tyranny’s Pitri dish.

    Notice how Ben Konop turns a simple inquiry into a spotlight on himself. The idea he “has eclipsed the mayor” as my “#1 enemy” is self-serving, farsical and a classic example of delusions of adequacy. And this is the dude who thinks having a poet on-call is a great thing.

    We are so doomed.

    The Marine Incident has gotten some national legs, hitchhiking on the story out of Bezerkly, CA. Michigan based Marines came to Toledo on an Urban Warfare Training Exercise, arranged months in advance w/Toledo PD. Allegedly, His Anal-Sphincterness didn’t get the memo and pitched an attack of Exploding Verbal Diarrhea at the sight of the first Jarhead getting off the bus. The news accounts are almost comical – if you enjoy seeing elected officials publicly implode and then beg for the spotlight of CNN, FOX, NY Post etc.

    Toledoans are naturally sensitive about their image. So why do they elect (3X’s) the same putz who brings them the grief?

    Inquiring minds wanna know….

  2. Dirk W. Sabin February 18, 2008 at 1:14 pm #

    The use of boot-stomped post industrial rust belt cities for US Military Urban Warfare training has been going on for some time. I do believe Detroit might have done it and maybe thats where the genius’s of Motor City got their idea for Humvees as a prudent personal vehicle for civilians.

    It’s nice that our dry-rotting urban centers can be gainfully put to use by the military. With Military Spending at 20%+ of our Economy, Toledo or Detroit should be inline for Military Largesse before
    Baghdad and Beirut. Maybe its the American Future, a Giant Open Air Market of Urban Warfare Simulations. The Republic replaced by an Amusement Park of Mayhem and Pathos where gunpowder burns are the new tattoo.

    I must be hopelessly old fashioned for thinking it a tad sordid that a major American City must grovel for revenue by sponsoring war games in it’s neighborhoods with the US Military. I do trust they practice suspension of posse comitatus and eavesdropping law because our new Banana Republic requires such clarity of thinking.

  3. The Infamous Oregon Lawhobbit February 18, 2008 at 5:54 pm #

    Regular listeners of the BW Show already know more about Toledo than we, as deliberate nonresidents, ever cared to. And nobody, but nobody, can with a straight face suggest that Young Ben has in any way replaced in Brian’s sights. As an occasional target of opportunity, sure…but there is simply no comparison between the proportionate levels of attention that each receive.

    As for the “urban patrol” gig…how else will the military get any training for working in American cities? 😀